My Story and my Astrological Chart for review and comparison

Greg Chart

This is a copy of my chart.
Some standard features a Shamanic Astrologer would recognize in examining this chart is that my South Node is in Capricorn in the 8th house and my Moon is in Scorpio. Daniel Giamario would say that I come from the Scorpio Job in the Scorpio Mystery School. I move forward in this lifetime to my Gemini Ascendant with my North Node in Taurus in the 2nd house. This suggests that I am moving to the Taurus Job in the Gemini Mystery School.
Some other features of my chart is that I have a triple stellium in Taurus in the 12th house. This suggests a lot of hidden qualities that I don’t often share with others but the 12th house holds my Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury within it. Through intense introspection I dug deep and found some inner demons that I was able to transform into great power animals or guides. In 1986, I met my inner guide who is a Black Panther. He has been at my side for many years, and has assisted me in my recovery from spiritual emergency. Another important highlight of my chart is the Lunar phase I was born with which is the Gibbous to Full Moon phase, and my Moon is in Scorpio opposed to my Sun conjunct my Neptune.

Our natal charts hold deep information about each of us, and with exploration, and introspection there is much to learn from a natal chart. I offer my sensitivity and intuition to assist you in going to your own innerplace where pearls of wisdom can be found.

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