About Greg Garceau

Greg Garceau aka Mamook Kumtux Man is a recently published new author; oops;that’s me :-).  My new book “Ecopsychology, applications of Hiking, Faith, Belief, and the Development of Self” is now available atAmazon.com. It will be going on sale in the next couple of weeks, at a much reduced price.  Published by Red Apple Publishing (November 8, 2015) in Kelowna, BC, a publisher that has been in business since 2009.

Shauna Paynter and Lynn McCarthy

This mother-daughter business partnership has brought about a whole new meaning in Shauna and Lynn’s relationship. Working together has deepened their understanding of one another, giving them a big gift of love and laughter.

In 2009, Shauna and Lynn, began to manifest their idea of creating and writing children’s books, based on the imaginative stories told by their Great/Grandmother, Martha Brinkman. These stories were considered GIFTS, from their ancestors and they felt sharing them would be nothing but delightful.  Here is a great link to their website, that I would highly recommend for my readers and followers to visit.  Red Apple Publishing

Shauna Paynter recently graduated with me on July 21. 2014 with a Masters of Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University with six other students in our area of expertise. I value her friendship and support in this difficult process.  My story is very unique. For more information about me, you can check out my /about me page at this link:

About Greg Garceau

So this blog and store will be the source of all the services and product I will be offering. Feel free to make comments, although this site will be set up more for sales of services and product. I am grateful you have visited my site.  Please take a few minutes to explore the products and services I am offering. I have migrated this site from a previously hosted site from my.fastdomain.com.  If you are serious about online sales I would not use fastdomain.com to set up your sites but instead use wordpress commercial to set it up. Again, thanks so much for visiting my site.


Greg Garceau aka Mamook Kumtux Man