Mission/Vision Statement referenced by keynote Speaker 16 minutes into presentation, Ramu Damodaran of the United Nations. , Graduate Commencement Ceremony, Sofia University 2013

Mission/Vision Statement Updated 2013 Greg Garceau & Journeytoyourself.com

                      I have a strong love of the environment and seek to be a catalyst for strengthening humanity’s relationship with and for the environment. I believe there are valid proven scientific, intuitive, and artistic research related methods for understanding this relationship. In addition there are hidden resources that may also contain powerful ways that Humanity can use to mend this fragile relationship. We as a species have an opportunity to work and live effectively with this beautiful greater collection of planetary ecosystems that surround and bind us to the miraculous life-giving planet we share with all planetary life forms.

I seek to bring diverse people together synergistically to find solutions to problems that plague the fragile environmental planetary system. I believe through a greater understanding of humanity’s relationship with the environment opportunities are present that support not only the diversity of life forms on Planet Earth but also Humanity itself aiding all of us with those psychological or spiritual issues we face when we are unable to help ourselves. I really care about the human underdogs of the world who have not yet discovered ways in themselves to face personal setbacks with confidence, focus, and positive determination. But this supportive philosophy of supporting underdogs expands beyond human life to the many other animal, plant, and microscopic life-forms we share the planet with who are also unable to speak for themselves as they gradually disappear and become extinct related in part to human encroachment of their environmental ecosystems.  I have strong gifts of spiritual intuition, personal focus, and determination that I am able to share with others constructively and effectively. Through deep reverence and communication with and for all life on Planet Earth, Humanity is being given an opportunity for ecologically sound, sustainable, and effective ways to interact with the vast resource of Life that extends within and beyond the boundaries of our flesh, bones, and blood.

Here is a link to that powerful speech presented at Sofia University’s June 2013 Graduate Commencement ceremony.


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