General Astrological/Tarot Reading Services

General Astrology/Tarot Reading Services

I offer Astrology/Tarot Consulting or Mentoring Services. I charge $85.00/hour for these types of services. These services include as part of the $85.00 a Solar Fire Generated Standard Astrological Chart (est. value $5.00/page) I urge you to consider my Astrological Consultation/tarot reading services at some point in your life. I have been told they are informative, accurate, and helpful. Please consider allowing me to offer my deep intuitive based astrological/tarot reading for you or your loved ones. I have been practicing Astrology for most of my adult life and would love to meet you…… I also am a Global Master’s of Transpersonal Psychology graduate from one of the most prestigious Psychology & Spiritual based Academic schools in the world, Sofia University in Palo Alto, CA also known as the former Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, founded by some of the most cutting edge minds of modern America.

85.00 $