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    • Who are we? Why are we here? Why do many of us feel like we were born on the Island of Generational Misfits as described in Rudolph the Raindeers epic holiday season movie we probably all fell in love with as children? You might be surprised what answers you and I might discover about this perplexing state of questioning.  It may be a much simpler than you ever thought. Well, to begin, we’re not really members of any of the three major generations we might identify if we’re born in the sixties. Narrowing the astrological window we probably don’t fit in any of these specific generational types, the X-ers, Y-ers, Baby Boomers. It’s because there was a rare transiting planetary configuration we probably share if we’re born between 1962 and 1969. Remember some of our heros and heroines like Keanu Reeves, Julia Robert’s, Brad Pitt, Carrie Anne Moss, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Nicholas Cage to name a few fellow generational misfits we share this planetary configuration in our natal Astrological charts.

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