Previous Workshops offered by Mamook Kumtux Man, Greg Garceau @ Journey to Yourself

Yachats from the Southern Oregon Coast of the Western United States

Figure 1Yachats, OR From Southern Oregon Sky

In this mini-workshop/lecture I introduced participants to the process of chord-cutting as described by Church Universal Triumphant using a specially blessed sword of Michael that has been blessed by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and spiritual leaders of the Church Universal Triumphant and Summit University based in Gardiner, MT USA 59030-9314.

Every day we make new connections with loved ones, acquaintances, coworkers, when we drive to and from our workplaces. Some of our past connections in this process are also released opening our heart-minds to new forms and experiences. Sometimes, we make more difficult connections that maybe aren’t as affirming as we had hoped for our personal egos, and psyche. But other times we may become overly attached to someone and the positive good feelings and energy exchanges we share with them. Like the negative bonds, sometimes it is important to also release those positive bonds we make with others in any given moment because our soul may require it for its highest good.

When emotional, mental, spiritual or physical bonds are cut, it opens the Higher Self or Spirit to new experiences or bonds more helpful and for the highest good of the soul’s long journey to Buddhahood, Christ, Cosmic Consciousness or Christian metaphor of Heaven.

About fifty people joined me as we did a guided meditation and chord-cutting ceremony to release us from those ties we no longer needed in our lives good or bad, helping us to fill those empty spaces vacated by the energies of no longer needed bonds according to our soul’s highest good.

I also did Astrological readings at booth 6. Here is the link to this 2013 summer’s Pathways to Transformation Seventeenth Annual Holistic Health, Psychic, & Crafts Fair in Yachats, OR on the Southern Oregon Coast. I look forward to seeing you there.

Admission was free with Fair admission of $3 for the entire weekend.

In 2012, I did another workshop with a group of very special men and women in which we created Medicine Sticks/Prayer Sticks/Sacred Wands and Staves. This workshop was called Creating Your Prayer Stick, Sacred Artistry Workshop held in Vancouver, WA in Summer of 2012 lead by Greg Garceau.

Here are some featured pictures of this workshop. Please goto my profile at and view at this link.

Since then I have created a few other presentations on subjects such as my Mars Return Cycle I used as a research project for the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School founded by Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castel. I am a previous member of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School and have taken several workshop courses with Daniel and Cayelin over the past ten years.

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