You Ready To Caucus for Hillary?

Come and Join us on Caucus Day this Saturday, this Holy Saturday.  Hillary is the best candidate in my opinion because:::::::    Tell me why you think she is the best candidate to be elected as the 45th President!!!!!  1.) She is the most experienced Political Candidate on the ballot.  2) She is seeking to change the laws with respect to 1) Campaign Finance Reform, and is also 100 % for Wall Street Reform. 3) She wants to update Federal Law with respect to Obamacare.  4) She seeks to change policies regarding Student Loans.
3) She will continue to support Planned Parenting. 4) She Will Stand up against Wall Street!  5) America has never in its History elected a Female President until this year.  America needs to catch up with the rest of the world where women hold Executive Power.  Even our Mother Britain who is now our greatest ally with France have already elected female Executives.  Women have a genetically inherited ability that has been with them since the time of Humanity’s evolution from Homo Erectus to Homo Sapiens Sapiens.  It is in there brain physiology to be able to multitask better than men in all areas.  Men’s role continues to hold strong with our unique ability to move quickly, have bigger bones and stronger muscles and to protect their families, nations and cultures. Women have continuously been recognized as Great Administrators specifically due to their unique ability to multitask.  And besides if women want to take command of the family and sociocultural responsibilities, let’s let them!.  I think most men just want to be physical, active, and busy, building, making, and designing new tools to make things easier.  Men probably tend to just love the hands on type of work.  Personally, I love to risk everything and hop on my motorcycle and fly, and I tend to be the safest motorcyclist on the road.  So let’s let these power women take command for a little while. They seem to be able to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.  But we men need to be working, not just sitting at home and drinking beer and watching football.  I think Hillary can prepare our nation for these kinds of new jobs and we men can get back to work doing the work we really love to do.  If women want to bring home the bacon, let them!!! Hillary is the President that will best encourage that.  If your a typical guy, what is your favorite activity?  Are you tired of being told you have to carry the world on your backs, financially, emotionally?  Wouldn’t you rather have more spare time to play, fish, hunt, and be outside learning about the beautiful environments you live in, while at the same time, feeling like you can indeed make a serious contribution to your family in all aspects not just financially?  I know I would.  Let’s agree to give women a little more executive power in our world, as the Hillary campaign is saying THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!! Let’s give Hillary a try for four years!! Let’ elect her in 2016.  After she has sufficiently been given a chance to change and lead our country, and to prove to us that she can make the tough decisions if necessary with respect to Israel, ISIS, and Moslem Holy War crap, and essentially with U.S. Foreign Policy.  We cannot afford to alienate our worldwide allies anymore.  Let’s be the Nation we are intended to be!!! The Nation who honors free speech, Freedom of Religion, and Equal rights for all.  We men can get back together on inventing, building, and innovating the world as we are intended.  I love children, but I also love being busy at work.  The responsibilities of parenting need to be truly equal for men and women.  Two incomes is always better than one.  Let us learn to give equal time and focus on being with our children but also on working and contributing financially to the family unit.  After four years of Hillary, we might all be totally surprised to discover how great a job she has done.  America needs to come back to the Center! We need to get things done as a Nation United on those values and core beliefs that continue to make our Nation the greatest in the world, and……reinstill a positive light on Government. In this next four years, lets commit to continuing to have a healthy and strong Democracy, and to ensure productivity, innovation, and enhanced social values, as well as fixing our horribly broken infrastructure.  Hillary is the only candidate who can do all of these things for the greatest Nation on Earth!!!!! The United States of America.  You know maybe we can offer statehood to Puerto Rico, and Guam!!!  Both of these territories have an extremely strategic location for protecting our nation.  Our nation can only work as a United Body!!!!! That is why we call ourselves the United States of America!  I think Hillary may be the only one who can bring our nation back together as United on all fronts!  GOP and DEMS working together for positive change and continued economic stability still continuing all of those qualities listed in the Bill of Rights that make or break our Nation!!! Come to Caucus’s in WA and vote with me for Hillary Clinton, the next President of the United States, the first woman President, the future  45th President of these Grand United States.  For more information about me:  check out my efolio at this link:

Recently updated my Web site

Please check out my new and improved web site at  I have added a number of new links that you can explore.  I was just thinking about this law that Obama signed into law on New Year’s Eve 2011.  I wrote a letter to the President explaining why I support the lawsuit that has been created to block the effects of this law.  The Patriot Act was the worst law to be passed in this country significantly taking away and reducing our 5th amendment rights.

Here is a recent letter I sent to my political contacts and also parts of it were used in my letter to President Obama.  Please check it out and let me know your thoughts.  These are difficult times our nation is facing.  Please honestly take a look at this petition and sign to protect your 5th amendment rights.

Hi Friends, and Family,

I don’t like to send negative things about Obama, and I still intend to vote for him this year, he carries in some ways for those of you who aren’t Obama supporters a quality of the lesser of two evils.  But with respect to laws voted in by the mish mash craziness of the Bush Administration against human rights whether justified as being against terrorism or not needs to be repealed.  I feel completely safe in our airports.  The whole Patriot Act Crap the Bush Administration pulled off was from the start a huge violation of human rights including legalizing torture, but I can see its importance then when terrorism was a much larger presence.  Terrorism will never go away and with our military’s capture and execution of Osama Bin Laden, I think terrorists are beginning to see how weak they are, second-guessing themselves and how useless their supposed attack on 9/11 was and how it has served noone not even those the terrorists are trying to protect but our nation is built on trust, freedom, with legal presidence and representation.  With these new laws that are being passed our government has gone too far in eliminating many of our inalienable rights. It is time for the 99% majority; us to make a strong stand against legislation for legal and patriotic freedom like this in our country.  Please join me in signing this document to block this kind of legislation from ever becoming so powerful over us and our inalienable rights to allow such a travesty to continue to occur in our legal system.
I am not sure why Obama signed such a futile document. I don’t feel Obama is a socialist like many believe.  He is trying to do the best for his country in a difficult and trying time. With continued pressure from the GOP, nothing is being passed, and I am surprised this law made it through both houses in the first place.  Now is the time to stand up against such travesty in our nation. Maybe this is the start of a new approach to security where the people take a stand in their own country, a stand for freedom, democracy, to ban laws like this.  Maybe this will be a start to repeal the Patriot Act, the worst act against personal freedoms to be ever passed.  And it was the GOP who started this mess with the passing of the Patriot Act in the first place.
Those times are passed, and it is time to move on and release our old wounds, regrets, and grudges of a different world, a world that is fading fast, as we move into a new age or new world, predicted by the Maya, and many other Religious and Spiritual orders, the age of Aquarius.  Meditate, pray, or whatever you do to center yourself, and think about this issue from a detached perspective and then if you feel to sign the petition then make a stand and sign it.
God Bless,
Here are two powerful and graphic videos of that dreaded day in New York City, New York on September 11, 2001 when America and its people were exposed to an unprovoked attack on our way of life by the Al Qaeda, a Terrorist organization that seeks to destroy our way of life, the way of peace, love, and compassion, in our Sovereign Democracy.
When you review these videos, it might bring up thoughts of Anger, Betrayal, and Deep Sorrow and Sadness.  Please understand that the Patriot Act was created because of this attack on Americans, but what we don’t know is that when the Patriot Act was passed, I believe it encouraged more of this terror to occur, not reduced.  We as a race need to learn to trust our neighbors, our international allies, our closest and deepest friends.  The Patriot Act and all laws passed in tandem or in support of using these horrible circumstances to scare out of you the American people your inalienable rights and  the people of the world with the passing of these laws.  NDAA (National Defensive Authorization Act) act to take effect March 1, 2012 is an expanded version of the civil rights violation that occurred with the passing of the Patriot Act.  This is your chance to stand up as the Independent 99% majority and sign this petition as a sovereign citizen of these United States to let our government know that we will no longer stand for this egregious violation of our 5th amendment rights.  Even though Obama signed this drastic law into action, I still think that he is working against strong opposition from the GOP who seek to promote this GOP created mess in response to the 9/11 attacks on our country.
This is yet another example of the old paradigm and values of the Piscean Age that are being held by certain people and organizations, corporations like a clam to block and prevent the New Aquarian Age from taking form, the dreamed of Golden Age of Compassion predicted by the Bible, and other Great Religions of the world, and the Maya.  Change is never easy, especially when there are so many powerful people the Minority 1% who seek to control the rest of our resources. Thank God, you the people stood up against Internet Censorship, this is one step in a long journey of human evolution and growth that is taking form as we take on the new values of the Aquarian Age.  Please explore this web site and watch the movie Thrive at  This is the only way you will be able to watch this powerful movie.  The movie will not be released in theaters. is the only place where you can watch this DVD at a very reasonable price of $5 American.
I will share this new blog with all my contacts. So if any of you feel that these words are too strong for you, let me know, I do not want to discourage you from making comments about these issues.  I will hide your email addresses with BCC email technology.  You can be a silent in the shadows reader or you can come out of the closet and express your views.  I am sending this to you because I feel it is a different view and because I care and I believe that you too probably care where our world is heading at this juncture in human history. On February 22, 2012, millions joined together with their intentions to mentally imagine and envision their ideas of this New Age we are In or very near to its boundaries.  That was only five days ago.  We the people now have another choice to stand together against blatant violation of our 5th amendment rights by choosing to sign or not sign the petition to block the enforcement of the NDAA law passed on New Years Eve, 2011 by President Obama and his administration in secret. 
I have yet to receive comments about this blog, this is a great time for you to speak your mind and respond to this blog.
Sincerely, Blogmaster Greg Garceau