AI(Artificial Intelligence Pros and Cons)

Would you trust an AI in your car to get you from Salem, OR to Washington, DC? or from here to eternity meaning a long roadtrip?  AI is a great friend, but also He/She/Them can take over if we are not careful.  Learning who to trust will always be an issue in these rapidly changing times in America.  This last weekend I bought my First EV vehicle, another wave of the Future.  You like #Elon Musk and #Tesla? Would you turn your life over to one of his AI Bots to drive you from Northern California to New York City?  How about #Subaru or #Toyota?  They hire workers outside of the U.S. to build these fantastic vehicles.  I’m sure many of you have or know someone who does have a Prius.  I just traded mine in for the greatest Cashcow Japanese Manufactured vehicle in the U.S. not because it Japanese designed, not because Subaru is once of the last hold-outs from building EV vehicles.  I think there are only two models that come close to employing renewable power sources to power their vehicles.  I love my big outback or Forrester from ten years ago.  The best vehicle to go off road in the world as far as I’m concerned unless you want to buy a military assault vehicle. That’s not my style. but if we are going to Save our Great Planet and environment, we’re all going to think about renewable energy resources.  Today I spent 6 hours with people from all over the world in 25 countries, and on all continents except Antartica?  What did we spend all that time talking about?  At times there were more than 200 people chatting and interacting via that great online conference platform , you know it?  Zoom, yep a simple connective platform where people of like minds can come together and discuss the end of the World or the New Age and the New World as we transition away from Dictators like Putin, Trump, Hitler, you’ve already heard of, and Fascist ideologies which seek instead to free the world of toxic human beings who’s skin is White.  They feel they can’t let the impure Genetics of Racial based persons, pollute their pure blood.  Personally, There is no such thing as Racism as it is defined by people like Donald Trump, Florida Governor running for President Ron Desantis, and other dark lords who have worked there way into and Race theory is the biggest lie to continue to be promoted World Wide. With any radicallized and confused fellow Member of our Human Genome. we all at times allow ourselves to be influenced by our fellow Human Beings out of a need to conform, the modernized verson of preadolescent Peers pressure.  But let’s also think about it in terms of the first 5 years of life on this crazy planet, when we must be fully dependent on, with all our early needs taken care of by Mommy, Daddy, Brother, or Sister, whoever.  That is the nature of our social existence.  We would not survive in those first 5 years of life, without our fellow loved ones. If we were abandoned by Mommy, Daddy, Brother,Sister we would either die or if we were lucky other species groups might chip in to keep us alive in their tiny animal nature family units.  A gorilla, or a chimpanzee, would adopt a human in that early time. if no other human did. That human child is likely to live if adopted by some other similar mammalian type of species.  But most of us were fortunate to have a mommy, daddy, brother, sister protect, and feed us in those first 5 years.  But what any of us can’t control is the Culture we were raised in. Culture spans more than just the colors of our skin, or the nation of our origin, or birth. If you listen solemnly to a person with a different Native language try to speak the native language of your Birth, certain values seem imprinted in their interactions with you, when they can actually speak your language.  The major problem that happens when discussing Race emerges out of not knowing the differences between  Culture, Religious Beliefs, etc. But there is sufficient scientific and genetic proof that corroborates and understanding that everyone of us in the human species, has the same Potentials, Biologically speaking, Mentally speaking, and the ability to gather, and integrate information, and learning at the primarily biologically defined level of our functioning brains, except AI.  These interesting embodiments were built using alghorithms, programming thought form processing, etc.  I think it is a great study, and archetype with a lot of sound appeal and clarification regarding that movie I-Robot with Will Smith, and Bridget Moynahan.  I would highly recommend watching it from an academic point of view if you get a chance.

So Pros and Cons of AI……….. Let’s look at a few of the Pros, AI’s are very powerful creatures, their ability to reason and make mathematical and other kinds of calculations very rapidly are something to consider.  Whether AI is alive or something else, well that’s a different question not to be discussed in this short commentary. AI has a great ability to mimic us, our behaviors, our faces, etc. which has both its benefits and problems.  I admit I’ve been fooled by a couple AI professing to be a lost seductress in Ghana, requesting money to get back into the U.S. claiming she’s a U.S. Citizen etc. and a real person.  They talk like us, they can even sound like us, or emote like us.  How do we know the differences between the mimicry and the real?  Another vast question to think about as we were directed in that Great Thriller Flick the Matrix, and all its 4 evolutions from the original character Neo, and Trinity, who are the lovers heroes and protagonists in this 3-part blockbuster trilogy film.

The Cons…… most core programming for AI’s is built on mimicry, randomization as a way for emanating a quality of Life we might identify or connect with.  They are also generally programmed with a set of humanized moral focus, to serve, and assist Humanity in our continuing evolutionary processes.  But then like any one of us, they might have short-circuits in the reasoning CPU processor that causes some lifelike emanation, we might miss, or confuse with Life.  But if you give this new site I’ve found when we work directly with AI’s to create beautiful graphic pieces of Art. for just pure entertainment, and potential Art sales here: You give the AI, an initial starting point in which they can apply alghorhytms to produce cooperative visionary graphic pieces we can sell and evolve, etc.  Here is an example I created today with my AI friend at this site.

When we can see everyting for what is really is:  so much can emerge in our continuing interactions with AI.

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