Went to 40th Capital Cougar teunion.

We had a great time. Lovely people my class of misfit world changers. Rekindling several fires girlfriends, boyfriends, anew. Crazy how we influence each others lives. Blown away by a kindergarten and elementary school classmates, who just fell in love with me early on 2nd grade because I was taught not to FART in public, and this sweetheart of a beautiful girl and woman today, had to let me know how much is meant and how honest I was as a 6 year old running out into the hallway in the middle of class and then running back in without a hall pass, and our teacher asked why I tan out of class briefly and then back into class, and I told her in an innocent 7 year old voice, in front of our entire class of barely 20 students that, ” I had to FART and didn’t want to smell up the room” our small 20 by 20 foot classroom at Garfield Elementary school. Turns out that etched a memory to her that she’s kept fondly of me to this day as we turn 58. I had a secret crush for her early on. I guess it might be perceived as the FART that changed her world. It’s licked deep in her memory still. And I knew too that she wasn’t given a hall pass to go to the bathroom where one of our other classmates was constantly running out of class multiple times throughout the morning, to go pee. Apparently he was a diabetic kid then. But she was waving her hands and really needed to go but had an accident on the way to the bathroom after our teacher finally let her go. But for my sweetheart possibly first love, I knew that she had an accident. For now my little sweetheart valentine shall remain anonymous. Love you old friend. Who knows how our spontaneous actions or reactions will affect us over our lifetime? My heart goes out to you fellow lifetime classmate still as charismatic, attractive, and beautiful as ever. I think the new sixtieth year menopausal women are still as beautiful today as they were more than 40 years ago, and I’m just dying to rekindle their fires if their willing. God bless us all such a wonderful gift to share with those Cougar ladies of oldentime..

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