Today we face again the possibility of War.

I am not here to create Fear only to state an understanding of what is happening in our world today, with the Russian Invasion of Ukraine.  As we sit here waiting for our President Biden to speak on the State of the Union, many things, and the worldwide prayer go out in the difficult and up front crisis of Human Solidarity.  I wonder if the Random Number Generators around the world are showing a pattern instead of randomness.  It is important that all United States Citizens around the world need to know whether they serve in an embassy or are on Peace Keeping Missions, with the Peace Corps or other, the world is in crisis, not just the U.S., Russian, Ukraine, and the Nato Allies being forced into a choice of full scale defensive missile concerns against a broken, confused, and sad Human Being Vladimir Putin, who like his counterpart Donald Trump seeks to generate Lies, and instability around the world.  Putin’s own citizens are resisting and standing strong in solidarity against their confused and delusional President.  His Hubris may end up killing him, and only causing more severe collapse of his government and People.  I applaud the resistance by his own citizens of his stupidity.  Many of the Republican party is also standing up against Putin’s actions together.  America may be more United than it has been in several years, but it is the choice of all Americans to speak against Nuclear War, etc, together as conjoined with all of the rest of Humanity on this difficult time in our world and One People of Humanity.  Keep your prayers pumping forth.  I feel it also deeply necessary that all who read this have an understanding of Defcon Levels.  Today, we are at Defcon 3 as a nation in terms of our military readiness, and ability to react instantaneously to Putin’s attacks on the World.  Many of the younger generations may have no clue what Defcon alerts mean, just because it was never an issue or concern for them, our children and anyone under the age of 30 years or less.  My mom and I have a 30-year-old caregiver that comes and helps us in our home, and she has minimal awareness of Nuclear or Atomic Bombs and their destructive powers.  Today, one SLBM or Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile has enough destructive power that is Nuclear of about 455 kt of explosive power compared to Little Boy and Fat Man Bombs released over the Cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in August 1945, which essentially ended World War II. These two Bombs only had a destructive power of 16, and 20 KT, for Hiroshima, and Nagasaki respectively.  America is Safe, but it is necessary as a fellow citizen that all Americans know these figures, from the baby, when he/she, or them can understand what these words mean to the Eldest of Americans in the U.S. To gauge what that means, 455/16 = about thirty times the explosive power of Hiroshima, and 455/20= about 23 times the explosive power of Nagasaki. Defcon level is based on the alert level specifically in relationship to Nuclear Defense.  and we are at Defcon 3
Current defcon level alert status today
Taken from Defcon Level Warning System: Feel Free to access this any time. But again, America is safe, Each Trident Submarine deployed of which there are at least 5 currently deployed each with 20 SLBM’s each, that’s 100 or so missiles in deeply strategic locations on high alert to stand strong against Russia’s actions should it be necessary.

One Person Can Change the World (and Prevent a Nuclear War)

Take a look at this site for more information: WE ARE SAFE…………

As this article states, One person can change the world and prevent a Nuclear War. That is so empowering to me, and all who might review this post in the coming days.

And if you are a Scientist, who is trying to relate the Patterns of the world in terms the Princeton Global Consciousness project regarding the potential of Russia Aggression in its attack against Ukraine. You can also check out the potential patterns at Princeton's Global Consciousness Project on the nature of Random Number Generations that might be occurring today, as the world faces off with a weak Dictator Vladimir Putin who is threatening Nuclear War.  

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