Letter to send to Senators urging them to give President Trump a Fair and unbiased Trial

It is so difficult to have to respond so deeply and powerfully to the crisis that is yet again happening in my great country, The United States of America.  But this is one of many ways, where this can be shared with the hope that someone might read or listen, or approach the crisis that we face in a more open minded, positive, and supportive way.  So follow my link provided here, and share with all whom you feel may require or need the information, for only Together can We citizens resolve our problems and differences in this Great Nation.  The time for divisitory Politics is over, and it is time now to remember why we are all here why we chose to incarnate in this Great Nation, why we chose to immigrate here, etc. For This Idea is too great to be thrown out by another corrupt President, and potential new Tyrant, like Adolph Hitler who started World War II, as our President Trump almost did when he unilaterally decided without authorization from the United States Senate or United States House of Representatives to murder the 2nd most powerful Leader, in the Tyrannical State and Nation of Iran this last couple weeks.  I care out my Moslem Friends who have chosen to become American Citizens in this Great Nation, who still Pray 5 times/Day at their appropriate mosques throughout our Country, or my Jewish Friends who still go to the Temple to Pray, and my Christian, Catholic, and Protestant counterparts, who still attend church every Sunday, or those dedicated Soldiers of Spirit and Truth who continue to practice the old Teachings of their Native American Lineages, or the Pagan White Witches I have come to know and love in my Worldly network around this world.  or who remain here in the U.S. and vote for  Progressive values, or my fellow Feminist Voting Citizens, LGBT’ers etc. who continue to promote Diversity, Truth and the American Way, or those who choose to oppose the Rule of Law, with a sole intent to divide this Nation instead of Uniting it.  But we are a nation of Laws, and this President openly admits that he does not care about the Rule of Law, and seeks instead to destroy what has always made America Great with his actions and inactions.  But he deserves a Trial. So follow this link: and should you feel compelled edit this letter accordingly to suit your sense of morality and Republican Democracy, and send it or email it along the Senators who must speak for you and your interests next week to serve and give a fair Trial to the President.  Thanks.  God Bless.

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