Impeachment processes being slandered by Ranking member Collins of House Judiciary Committee.

How we find our nation and its people today?  Senator McConnell claiming and directing his Senators from the Republican Caucus to treat the process in his own Senate Body as irrelevant, Assuring them that the Impeachment process is a big fat waste of time,(not his exact words) and that noone in his caucus should actually think about the facts.  He continues to destroy his own process, as his Republican Colleagues in the House Judiciary do the same with the House Judiciary Committee.  This is historic, and in a sense the GOP representatives are Witness Tampering its own process in the House and in the United States Senate, as McConnell and Ranking Member Representative Collins continue to find everything in their Power to destroy this serious and sacred process according to the United States Constitution with respect to this Impeachment Process, to show oversight and Justice over the President’s misuse of Power. President Trump Continues to blatantly violate the Rule of Law in this Nation, and his own oath of Office he took as the President of the United States. Time:  6:33 am PST, House Judiciary committee about to vote on the Articles of Impeachment, because House Judiciary Chair,  Jerrold Nadler stopped the process at around Midnite EST to allow for the members of the Republican Caucus and the Democratic Caucus, to think about what it happening here, to get sleep to be able to think through their behavior, and thoughts about the Process so that all members can go into this vote with an open mind, consult their conscience and vote on these matters first thing in the morning now, when Chair Nadler gavels this vote and these issues in the open light of day, instead of forcing a vote last night after all parties had deliberated on these Articles of Impeachment.  As a Representative from my state speaks about the key issues in relation to this process, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, adds her concern for her constituency.  My current Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler, is not present in this process, for she will vote to impeach or not when the vote and article of Impeachment are presented to the Open Floor of the United States House of Representative as soon as next week.  I am going to call her Herrera Beutler of the 3rd Congressional District now and urge her to vote her conscience when she has the opportunity to vote on these matters.  Finished my call wth Jaime Herrera Beuter’s office in Washington, D.c. at 6:56 am PST on December 13, 2019. So the next thing I feel to state in this post is a Prayer for this nation, and to turn on your tvs, now if you are awake and listen to CSPan to watch the vote yourself, and to ask yourself are your elected officials in the United States House and the United States Senate voting of your behalf, or on their own personal issues, for their own Gain.  We the People of these United States of America are being represented right now in this very moment as we approach 10:00 am EST, in the House Judiciary Committee, as Chairman Nadler gavels in this vote. If you believe your Senator is not representing your views, now is the time for you to stand up and speak out to force your U.S. Senator, and your voted Representative for your Congressional District to represent and stand up for your and your vote as an American Citizen of these United States of America.  So let’s pray as Nadler Gavels in the Judiciary Committee at this very moment, at 10:03 am EST.


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