Its important to remove this President now, if possible in the next 72 hours.

This is an attempt to urge United States House to vote on articles of impeachment immediately in the next 72 hours.  There is already plenty of information to pass these papers against the POTUS, and then to subpoena President Trump to face these charges in a public hearing to the United States Senate and then to remove President Trump, and Pence, because of the grave violations of President Trump’s oath, and the People of These United States.  I am just one voter in 250 million voters in the U.S. There are already many polls showing the voice of the People that suggest that there is already a majority of voters now that support impeachment and removal of Donald Trump.  Pence I am sorry is guilty by Association, and by his continued condoning of what this President is allowed to get away with, violating the Laws of this Nation, Spreading Lies about this country, destroying our International Reputation, and Our International Foreign Policy; sacrificing National Security for his own Personal Interests.  We must stop this continued degradation of our Government, and this nation.  U.S. Congress has full authority to to demonstrate its highest powers and Legal authority over a President and his administration to assure the American Public, and our Allies around the World, that America is still there to help and lead the world into the next century, and to continue to show how strong and healthy our True Democracy is:  Please listen to my face to face plea, and share this with all your followers, through Social Media, and your fellow American’s no matter what Party they support.  We can no longer allow our President to destroy this Country and everything it represents. It is time for Congress to act NOW and TODAY.  I am proud to be an American, in the greatest nation on Earth.  God bless us all.  Aum Peace, Amen, In Shah Allah, for we are also a Nation where there is true Freedom of Religion too, Shalom. America I believe is strong because of its Diversity, based on sexual Preference, Sex, and Race.  Diversity is what defines America, not White Nationalism.

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