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I’ve decided to possible run for county commissioner in District 1 of Clark County.  Why? Because there are just plain too many Republican Pundit in control of this great county in Washington State.  They have butchered our voting process, destroyed the heart and spirit of Clark county with their Rhetoric. 

They seek to also destroy what is left of our environment.  We need to free up our river for all fisherman.  We need to keep Coal out of this county.  We need to adopt Energy Efficient homes, and let the taxpayer and small business regain the hold they used to have.  Solar Cells are a must in Clark County. We can no longer let big business and not environmentally sound technologies be suppressed by the Corporate control of our County Council.  We need to connect with Oregon State.  We need to update our Police force, and we need to share labor and capital more effectively with our Portland, OR neighbors across the river.  These states were never expected to be enemies, but allies.  It was only a fluke by the Federal Government that split the original Oregon Territories from our Great Nation, when Oregon, Washington and Idaho were given too much sovereignty.  But we can admire our Idahoan, and Oregonian, regional allies, and come together in a much more economically sound and politically connected way. 

My possible campaign for County Commissioner District 1 is not an attempt to break the sovereignty of our State Political affiliation but instead as an attempt to join with our Oregon and Idaho Neighbors on a regional level, as it was intended in the beginning when the Oregon Territories were broken apart by the United States Government. 

Will you join me in this new view and paradigm of Regional Sovereignty we deserve?  Building a new Columbia River Crossing will also be a united attempt to allow more effective economic exchanges with our Oregon Neighbors. A small toll will suffice to share and develop this grand project with the Oregon DMV.  With more capital coming into both our states from this powerful constructive project, Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington, and Clark counties can use the extra capital to build more affordable housing, reduce the homeless problem that plagues both of our States.

Only together can we find the Synergy to unite us against a potentially dictatorial U.S. Government that under the control of a rampant rogue President that has disregarded his office responsibilities and refused to protect and serve these young adults coming of age who are daily threatened by unregulated gun laws and are forced to live in fear when they go to school every day.  America needs the former Oregon Territories to stand together against the corrupt policies of this great nation under the control of Donald Trump. 

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