Journey to Yourself, A Place where only you Can Go, Solely defined by your individual perspective of True Reality

What does it take to understand ourselves?  We each have special gifts, but to unravel what those gifts are and how to best use them for Service to a Greater sense of Oneness, Spirituality or Truth.  Today we begin the next spiritual New Year, as the Sun moves into Aries.  We are facing as a people, and as a species unparalleled change as gradually transition as One Humanity into greater acceptance, Peace, Love, and Universal Understanding.  It has been a while since I truly updated this first page.  As many can profess, we’ve lost loved ones, with Covid 19. In America we had to rid the country of the worst Tyrant in our Nation’s short History.  Identify theft seems overly rampant in this new world we’ve created collectively for ourselves.  I didn’t realize it but there is a Health care provider who has in a sense stole my copywrite, but each of us is learning to work together.  I understand her need and concern, but in many ways, her initial headings have practically violated what I have already created and had for two decades or more.  I would ask her to review how similar our sites look and change her site accordingly.  She is using a .net page with almost everything the same as I have created here.  

Her name is Jessica, as her front page demonstrates, but her primary phrase is the same as mine.  I wouldn’t ask too much of her only for her to think about a better way to advertise the valuable services she might be providing.  Perhaps she and I can begin a coordinated effort to share our insights without the apparent potential copywrite infringement that might be involved.  

But today, I digressed with my concerns for her fairly new site just built recently online.  The greater concern I feel that as One Humanity we have for the first time in almost 40 years a revision to a threat that all citizens of this world have never truly faced as my generation did, and the Baby Boomers, and the following generation after my tight little window of a generation wherein which two powerful planetary actors, potent, and influential on the greater world have found a kind of radical transformative connection as is felt by any one of us who share this configuration of Uranus-Pluto Conjunct in Virgo.  That window is only about 5 to 7 years max when both of this powerful mover Outer Planets were conjunct or in the same sign of Virgo from as early as Nov 2, 1961 

By Sep 1968 Uranus was attempting to leave Virgo.


By June 1969 Uranus had finally completed its journey through Virgo for the last time for at least a possible century from now.  It briefly returned to Virgo in May 1969 only to be out of there within the next month. This Window of opportunity is very small. Most of the Baby Boomers, and post Uranus-Pluto conjunction persons don’t have this configuration. Most generational planetary energies last for 10 years or more.  We are a unique batch of Ascetics, I think.  As we grow in spiritual understanding and continue to often be heard as being overly outspoken, etc., we might forget our significance at the Global level of Understanding and Truth.  It is never an easy task to attempt personality Uranus for any of us, because it moves very slow and when it is in the same sign or conjunct Pluto at a 10-to-15-degree orb, this is indeed an uncommon experience. 

Whether we accept it or not, this 5 – 7-year window in the sixties was one of the most transformative, difficult and troubling time for America, and for the world.  Two powerhouse Planets Pluto the planet of Global Transformation, and Uranus the planet of unexpected events, Electricity, and partly, the worst expression at the Global Level of War gone awry.  This focus on Science and the breaking of the Atom has had intense influence on the 20th century, and again we are faced today, when Russia continues to fight a losing battle with one of the most equipped technological weapons warfare on the Ground, and with the ever dark cloud of Nuclear War being confronted yet again, by the broken Tyrannical Dictatorship of Vladimir Putin.  Yet we cannot end it quickly, because of the Fear of igniting the Destructive Power of the world, which would essentially end most if all life on planet Earth let alone poisoning of the Atmosphere with a Nuclear Winter.  Yet Russia continues its inhumane attack on civilians, in an attempt to overthrow one of the most recent new Democracies the world has discovered.  I remember in 1970 when there was still enough of a large fear of Nuclear annihilation with even bigger and more powerful bombs than what we dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in an attempt to end the World War Conflict at the time.  By age ten I already knew that getting under my elementary school desk would not save me if either the U.S. or Russia, ( the U.S.S.R at the time) ignited one bomb against  a sovereign Nuclear Power Nation such as U.S.S.R or the U.S. This is our legacy whether we realize it or not.

And now today, with the first ever elected Female VP Kamala Harris, who if you didn’t know has almost an exact conjunction of Uranus-Pluto in her 4th house, as I do.  She serves to protect the Home and sovereignty of the U.S. in a chaotic world that once again in which we must face the horrors of possible Nuclear proliferation from Russia.  So Why cant we initiate a No-Fly zone over Ukraine?  Anyone know the answer?  Because if we were to send the proper F-18 Fighter to support to enforce it, we would almost definitely end up blowing up a Russian Fighter Jet which is the next step in Total Nuclear Annihilation. It wouldn’t be a War but rather more likely a 90% murder massacre of Humanity, which truly doesn’t solve our differences at the Global Level.  If Putin wants our Humanity as One Global People to to survive, he should probably just surrender, and leave Ukraine, and accept his losses as a courageous Leader, instead of pressing for more escalation. In this way he can Save face with any allies he might have left on the Global scale, and do what the Russian people need now. It is a lost fight for him, already.  and the U.S. cannot send our most advanced F-18 fighter to secure a no-fly zone over Ukraine.  The People of Ukraine and of the Russia must heed the call for it is in the mass of numbers that we United as one Humanity can remove Putin from Office and hold him accountable for his already grievous acts of terrorism and warcrimes against a sovereign Modern Democracy we know as Ukraine.  Putin must face a Global Tibunal for what he has already done, to save himself, and the Russian People.  Barack Obama, too has Uranus and Pluto although not conjunct but in Virgo in the 7th house.  

Here are some other famous Uranus and Pluto in Virgo persons.  Check out this link:  Horoscopes having Pluto in Virgo [1/216] ( They include our sweetheart Madonna, who sang with Antonio Banderas about the Plight of Argentina when in Evita. That great Loving Pirate Johhny Depp who we all love to hate in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies series. Then we see his sensitive side in Chocolat, or Edward Scissorhands. and of course who could miss the man who redefined sexuality, privilege, when he tried to alter his skin color, or when he burned his hair, Michael Jackson, and remember that great Halloween video we all loved, “”The Thriller” Too bad he killed himself.  But who can judge with the kind of configuration we are all dealing with if we are born in this narrow window of generational expression.  We are truly unique in our own right. Let me help you dig deeper in uncovering some of the radical ascetic qualities that define us, with this Uranus and Pluto conjunct or in Virgo planetary configuration.  I am surprised we all haven’t gone completely crazy with the drug experimentation, sexual preference experimentation, etc. 

How about Brad Pitt, the loving actor who plays a Nazi in Tibet and has an awakening as the story he mimics describes when the real person visits the current Dalai Llama, and become a teacher for this depiction of the Dalai Llama.  And our sweetheart Philanthropist Diana Princess of Wales, who died tragically or maybe instead was murdered on the autobahn in that tunnel near Berlin.  These are our people, our Androgynous group of crazies, that make up our collective expression of generational unity, even though we might not know or feel it that way all the time.  And of course, There’s NEO, the great imaginary Saviour who breaks the code and discovers that in some archetypal fashion an alternate reality where all of us might be unconsciously linked to an Electricity Generating Grid without even knowing it. conspiracy theory or Not!!!!!!! lol.  Oh crap, what was name?  KKKKKKeeannu Reeves, oh yeah, wait a minute I thought he was that dude who is said to have introduce the motto, “BE EXCELLENT TO EVERYONE, AND PARTY ON DUDES”  or was that Alex Winter? 

Hey wait a minute…… was both. Anyone know what flick Keannu and Alex coacted in?  huh,huh, times’ a running out.  we’ve got to get that Universal Peace Band that resolves all the worlds problems in the future, with a little help from George Carlin. 

Let me help you unravel some of your own Hidden mysteries, and don’t let identify thieves try to steal your idea, unless you recognize it perhaps as a collective gift to an emerging New Expression of Humanity that we are transitioning into as hippies, or yuppies  on an infinite pathway to Spiritual Enlightenment or development.  Are you Enlightened? or is Enlightenment only a figment of our wide and vast imagination. Let’s find out you and me. 

I am sorry if I get on a ramble but haven’t you ever thought about what truly makes you tick? There is only a tiny lasting window in which Uranus returned to Virgo for about a Month, in June of 1969, then she/he was gone for good well at least for another century or so. Here is that chart. There are several more of our androgynous brothers and sisters that we share this unique and wild Uranus and Pluto configuration in our charts.  

Too Bad, Anthony B, you’re not one of us, but we love you nonetheless. Now back to basics I wonder what Mr. Smith is doing these days.  You readers remember him?  Mr. Smith.  That crazy black superhero, Man in Black, and several other memorable roles? you know who he is.  Hey Mr. Smith, you Need a reading?  Wouldn’t you want to know why you feel some times like you’re so crazy.  I guess like any radical comedian, We HAVE TO DO WHAT WE NEED TO DO!!!! Right Bro, take it from the Academy Award Winner George C, or Ms. R.Julia, Where is Superhero Hancock anyway these days?  Why haven’t you revealed him again in some new Blockbuster of a Film.  and Gosh Darn, when am I going to get a copy of your most recent Rap Album? You could trade one for an Esoteric, Reading Bro.,,…………

9:00 am – 5:00 pm
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I hope you get a sense of the real me instead of that attempt 10 years or so, to advertise who I am and what I do.  Can’t wait to meet my fellow androgynous generational buddies.  Come on in and Feel the Love, Power, and maybe, we can help each other, and probe together into those deeper aspects of our crazy ascetic selves. Thanks for visiting my website. 
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Here are available products and services I am offering for your convenience. Please call or email for more information or to set up an appointment. Products, Rates and Services are negotiable after secure payment has been made at my generalized paypal quick donation link below.  I am also working on a process for more specific application to use directly with each of these list products or services listed below. Thanks for your investment, and our continuing dialogue, as I work on building the resources, and ideas for a possible new Book/Project I am considering in regards to Astrological Consultation for those of us who were born with the Uranus and Pluto in Virgo configuration.  And also if you or your family members might want to purchase a chart reading primarily focusing initially on the Uranus Pluto in Virgo Configuraiton we will discover with an inital Chart reading, and Recording should you so choose to explore these deeper more transpersonal energies in our Sub-generational Uranus/Pluto in Virgo natal charts.

Variable Counseling Services 45 min segments applicable to all Astrological/Tarot/ Cumulative Time.



Creative writing and report edition $15.00/hr.( Schedule time or deadlines and alotted and requested time slots directly with me) by phone, text, or email.  

(503)318-7530 (M,Cell, TXT compatible),

Astrological Chart Printouts $2.50 a chart. (buy separately, per each)


Variable time Counseling Servcies



Doordash Driver current Portland Metro Area, and Vancouver, WA, get app, for Services at this link:  

I am on a variable schedule PT, 2 to 3 days/week, Independent Contractor Delivery Services.  To get the app, use Google play and download it from here:  DoorDash – Food Delivery – Apps on Google Play

Driving/Running Errands
Running Errands/Driving/shopping $0.65/mile  USD

Usui Reiki Master, certified through Kate Mckee, as Shamanic Practitioner taught Reiki from a direct and Pure line and certified by Rod Abernathy, Advanced Karuna Reiki Master as 1st Degree Usui Reiki Master. Will do long distance Reiki healing sessions also. $20.00/ half hour. Please contact me to set up an appointment or to schedule long-distance Reiki time for you or your loved one. (360)258-1928 or email me at below address.

Long Distance Healing
Long Distance Healing half-hour $20.00 USD
In Person Reiki Healing 45 min sessions $50.00 USD
Reiki Master Training services per/hour $65.00 USD

Chord-cutting Ceremony using Angel Michael Sword of Discrimination blessed by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Church Universal Triumphant
$65/ hour

Landscaping Maintenance/Gardening assistance at $15.00/hr.

Other Related Charts or Tarot Services

Voyager Tarot Archetypal Self Readings. I have been doing Voyager Tarot Archetypal Self Readings for 30+ years. I have been told by several people that my readings are very powerful and generally right on. If you have questions or challenges you are seeking answers for, contact me, and we can do a Voyager Tarot Reading for you.

General Spiritual Chart Reading and Interpretation. $90
for 1.5 hours

Esoteric Astrology Readings
Initial Reading /hour $85.00 USD
Update/hour $50.00 USD
Recurring monthly 1/2 hour $30.00 USD

Shamanic Astrological Reading as defined by Daniel Giamario in his Non Profit 501 3C organization called Shamanic Astrology Mystery School where I was a student enrolled in the Certified Shamanic Astrologer program. $80/hr.

Ray-Centered Astrological Reading. This reading is specialized in recognition of the work brought forth by Alice Bailey from the Tibetan Master with respect to Esoteric Psychology and Esoteric Astrology. $90/hr.

Outer Planet Life Initiation tracking and interpretation.

Standard Transits Readings. $80/hr.

Tarot-Astrology synthesis Readings. $90 for 1.5 hours.

Offer Lectures on “Basics of Astrology”, “Spiritual Astrology”, and “Astrology and the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot”

Astrological Review Readings. $80/hr.

Mini-readings, $20 for 20-30 minutes.

Will travel anywhere in the Portland – Vancouver Metro Area to give in person Intuitive or Astrological readings at $15.00/hr. Am also available for phone consultations by calling (503)318-7530 where I have an attached phone call recorder installed.

All my readings come with a free Astrological Chart in the proper format depending on the reading you request. $80/hr.

For more information, please call (503)318-7530, or email or use Alt Email:<br>.<br>Please see my LinkedIn page for recommendations. Please follow this link: more information, please call (503)318-7530, or email or use Alt Email:
As I revamp this site: I’ve provided a unique quick donation service here for use in trade for any of the Services found at this site.  Feel Free to donate accordingly.  Understand that the money you donate is primarily used for online payment of funds for use according to what kinds of services you are seeking.  Lastly I am also a Reiki Master, and if you need or request some Reiki Healing Services, this will also be the place to donate for that service after we arrange time and remote healing or in person healing sessions for you and your loved ones.

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