The State of Washington heard the call of the People

Today I was fortunate to watch the electors in my State stand up to Fascism and Trumpism. No one vote in our State’s Electoral College went to Trump. Amazing. There were over 2500 people that showed up in Olympia, WA to have their voices heard. 8 of the 12 electors voted for Hillary, 2 for Colin Powell, and another 2 to a great Wisdom Teacher who was at Standing Rock this last week. This is true Democracy in Process. This is America at its greatest. The Majority doesn’t want Trump, it is clear. We are that Majority, and WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR. Washington State took a Stand!!!!! Has your state joined the ranks? Let me know. Feel free to voice your statements and results right here. WE ARE ONLY GREAT AS A NATION WHEN WE SHOW UP IN VAST NUMBERS, PAY ATTENTION, AND FOLLOW THE WILLS OF OUR HEART-MINDS, AND SPEAK UP WITH THE COLLECTIVE VOICE OF AMERICA, AND THEN ACCEPT OUR. Be ready for the images of a Democracy in action I will be sharing.

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