Abolish the Electoral College Voters of your State

Here is a link to this event. Join me across the United States of America and come together as the Collective citizenry voting block that our Nation is built on.

I promised to list all of the State Capitals to guide All Americans to go to their State Capitals and encourage and essentially tell your State Electoral Colleges to vote for the Candidate that won this election, and to give voice to the two additional million plus voters who voted for Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump giving her the true Majority of votes making her the true winner of the election to the Office of the President of the United States. The electoral college was created to ensure all voters got a say in electing their President. There have been several failures by the Electoral College to elect the President without a proper Majority Popular vote. The Electoral College is supposed to vote for the winning popular vote candidate. In the last 50 years of Elections the Electoral College has failed to do its duty and vote for the winning candidate. Computer technology and tallying machines are more accurate then ever in the History of these Great United States. The vote counts are practically 100 percent accurate now. These vote counts showed Hillary Clinton as the winner of this Presidential Election. Donald Trump himself already stated before he won the electoral college that he felt the electoral college was archaic and out of date. Part of his campaign bullshitting was to completely abolish the Electoral College. Now I bet you if you were to ask him he would deny ever saying this, because the failure of the Electoral once again was in his favor

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