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So, early this morning I attempted to blog about how U.S. Citizens can come together as one people and one nation in a community actions unprecedented in the history of these United States. Recent news has broken the veil of illusions created by Donald Bigot Trump regarding his winning the Presidency. Leaders in Congress have demanded that the Truth be Told to the Electors of the Electoral Colleges in every state regarding Russia’s hacking into our Elections to force a Win for Donald Trump. This is as accurate and up to date a statement made in the last 24 hours regarding this illegitimate Presidential Win by Donald Trump.
I am sorry I wasn’t able to blog immediately as my server crashed and I have been unable to do much of anything online due to probable Cable/internet outages by Comcast here in Washington State.
The Shit is hitting the fine with respect to Trump winning the U.S. Election for President. The Electoral College has the final say in who actually gets elected and they have requested Intel regarding the perpetrated attempt of Russia to hack into our election servers to make Trump our Electoral College President. As more data streams in, it will become ever clearer that Trump may not have actually won. Hillary still has a two million votes plus lead, if decided now, she would win with a 51% to 49% vote over Trump in the Popular votes.
And if the data suggests that Russia has indeed hacked in and tampered with our voting machines, then Trump is essentially an Illegitimate winning candidate for President. Our electoral has failed several times over the course of the last fifty years to choose the correct Presidential winner. It is being found over and over again, how archaic this outdated system is for electing Presidents here in the United States.
Campaigns across the country are now under way to show up at all of the State Capitals to protest and force the Electors of the Electoral College to choose the Real President elect Hillary Clinton. I contributed a significant amount of money to Facebook to market these truths across all of our Social Network servers in the U.S. directing interested American Citizens to come here to my blog to find the locations of their State Capitals to collectively come together in favor of the Popular vote which shows Hillary Clinton with 51% vs Donald Bigot Trump with 49%. That is over two million votes ahead of those voters who voted for Donald Bigot Trump. This amounts to about 2 % of the entire vote of these United States. This was of the lowest Presidential voter turnouts in the U.S.
So here is a message to those Voting U.S. Citizens who didn’t vote; if you believe your vote is meaningless, and that our Political system is broken, it is: Why? Because of your refusal to vote, 2 million votes could end up being thrown out giving Donald Bigot Trump the win. Your votes can count, but you must vote for them to count. The Electoral college is an archaic system that allows your votes and those many other votes to not be counted to determine an elections and its time for America to be modernized by abolishing the Electoral College. There are a couple ways to do this, primary would be a petition to change this amendment in the U.S. Constitution deeming it archaic, and out of date for making a legitimate decision of whom to serve as the Most Powerful Office in the World? The Office of the President of the United States. The U.S. is the sole Democracy who uses an Electoral College. Every other modern Democracy on the Planet determines who wins the Presidency/ or Prime ministers of their countries solely on the Popular vote. Of course if their elections have been compromised or hacked into by dark forces seeking to force governments to vote against the Popular vote, or tampering with voting devices to ensure a biased candidate win they can support instead of the True candidate that the voting Citizens choose, they are in violation of everything that makes a Democracy work. And secondly the candidate who accepts such tampering with voting citizens to ensure a egocentric personal win are also at fault. Donald Bigot Trump is that candidate. He has no cares or concerns for healthy democracy in action, and seeks only to heighten his own self-interests. So without further adieux, join me and your fellow U.S. Citizens to show up at your respective Capital Buildings nationwide across these Grand United States, to be Patriots, to be supporters of our forefathers, to be one collective voice, to hold your values and morality at the number one place in your patriotic hearts, to tell the world that America is Strong and can only get stronger, and that we will not tolerate bigotry, racism, and violation of the most sacred of our rights as Citizens of the most powerful and greatest nation on earth our Freedom to Choose. We do this by showing up at our capital buildings with peaceful, non-violent thoughts in our hearts to show that our Political system does work, and will continue to work better than it has ever worked before.
Although the system clearly needs some minor tweaks, it does and will continue as long as we show up, pay attention, and the Be the COLLECTIVE VOICES that we are. American can still be Idealistic, and SuperReal, but we also need to seek more structured methodologies to fix what is broken, tweak what needs to be tweaked, and still stand together collectively as examples of a Universal political system that can and will work. Our system can last for the next seven generations, as it should. It is time Americans begin to think as if their country does truly matter. We need to think of our children and their children and give them a true understanding about what it means to be American, and to welcome different principles and ideas, to welcome diversity as if it really mattered because it does. America is strong because of our Vast Diversity. Bigotry is not the way to Truth, Fairness, and the American Way. Let’s acknowledge this by showing up at our state capitals to make a stand against Tyranny, and to abolish the Archaic Electoral College. So here are you capitals my fellow Americans. Go there and stand up for Freedom of Choice, and the American Way. Let’s go there at 9:00 am on December 19, 2016 in our local time zones and be the forces that will reassure the world and our fellow Americans that we only seek and choose a legitimate winner of this election that can only be Hillary Clinton.
Yes, Trump voters you also have to acknowledge her Victory as the winner of the Election no matter what the electoral colleges tell you. Trump lost by over two million votes. Crooked Hillary if you believe that negative model of Hillary perpetrated by Donald Bigot Trump did win. She has already been cleared of all charges related to violation of security protocols by the United State Congress, the True Lawmakers of our Patriotic Nation. Donald Trump may end up being investigated for taking money and support form Foreign resources and Leaders in an attempt to fix our elections. Trump claimed our elections were fixed at the very beginning of his campaign. Can you believe it? Yes, Donald Bigot Trump with Russia and other world Trump supporters were fixing our election so Donald Bigot Trump told the truth. What he didn’t tell you was that he was the one who was fixing the election. WOW, what an amazing Trumped up Truth!!!!!!!!So those who voted for him, voted for a conman. We fail to see what is right in front of our eyes……. This method of bait and switch is entirely a Trumped up Tactic. Here is the list. Montgomery, AL, Juneau, AK, Phoenix AZ, Little rock, AR, Sacramento, CA, Denver, CO, Hartford, CT, Dover, DE, Tallahassee, FL, Atlanta, GA, Honolulu, HI, Boise, ID, Springfield, IL, Indianapolis, IN, Des Moines, IA, Topeka, KS, Frankfort, KY, Baton Rouge, LA, Augusta, ME, Annapolis, MA, Jackson, MS, Jefferson City, MO, Helena, MT, Lincoln, NE, Carson City, NV, Concord, NH, Trenton, NJ, Santa Fe, NM, Albany, NY, Raleigh, NC, Bismarck, ND, Columbus, OH, Oklahoma City, OK, Salem, OR, Harrisburg, PA, Providence, RI, Columbia, SC, Pierre, SD, Nashville, TN, Austin, TX, Salt Lake City, UT, Montpelier, VT, Richmond, VA, Olympia, WA, Charleston, WV, Madison, WI, Cheyenne, WY. San Juan, PR, Hagatna, Guam, Washington, DC, Northern Mariana Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa.

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