First time Publishing of my New Ebook called Ecopsychology, Applications of Hiking, Faith, Belief and the Development of Self

Merry Christmas, and Happy Yuletime at the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, but also at this great shifting of the annual cycle and Return of the Light. May you learn to feel, know, and Understand the Greater aspects of yourselves at your Highest potential as you bathe in the greater Lights of Joy, Spirit, and Loving Kindness to all whom you encounter.
Christmas is not only about the Coming of the Christed One or Annointed One but of the Greater point in our annual cycle around our great Yellow Sun, when we can now begin to welcome back the Light that binds, and connects us all. May God bless you and yours on this happy day. Also, please feel free to review my newly firstime publishing of my Kindle ebook called Ecopsychology, Applications of Hiking, Faith, Belief, and the Development of Self by Gregory Garceau. You can purchase it directly at Amazon by searching under ebooks using the terms, “Gregory Garceau”, or “Development of Self” or if you would rather go directly to the link, here it is:…/…/ref=sr_1_1… at an extremely reasonable price.

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