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Hi all, I am glad there is so much interest in this site.  I wanted to offer prayers, love, and thanksgiving to the world this special evening.  We are all on the verge of a new reality!! Are you feeling it?  I know I am. Of course I also have to say that I am also probably at the last connection of my natal Chiron to its natal position for these past couple of weeks.  So much is happening in our ever changing world.  The power of the internet is active and present today, and will be forever.  I can’t say that I am total agreement with all that is happening in the world today, and yesterday.  My life has been full of ups and downs.  I am sorry I have not responded or posted recently.  We live in a difficult world, yet I still believe we have something to hope for.  As you celebrate this upcoming holiday season, try to take it to heart how much your loved ones mean to you.  This holiday season is as powerful for more powerful than those we have dealt with and worked through in the recent past.  Tonite, I want to touch on two important topics that come to my mind and heart.

As a practicing shamanic explorer, my heart-mind goes out to those who have lost loved ones in these most recent local and international gun-involved shootings.  It makes me sad to see our great evolving species to allow these meaningless and unnecessary shootings to still continue.
My life and studies have focused on how great our species homo sapien sapien is truly.  As we come into this worldwide dark time of the year, let your hearts go out to those you love and care for and your fellow men, women, and asexual transvestite beings we share our species and planet with.  I had a wonderful time watching a precorded musical production of the Rocky Horror Picture show in London this last weekend. Even though I felt extremely down about the injustices that are still happening in our modern world.  WE HUMANS KNOW HOW TO COLLUDE DON’T WE!!. We continue to allow injustices to continue, but let’s bring love back into our lives.  Whether you are gay, lesbian, male, female, heterosexual or a transvestite, love is present more so today than it has probably ever been in the recent history of our species.  I think we are beginning to recognize and adore the beauty that exists in our social frameworks at the most deepest and subtle levels of existence, awareness, and consciousness of our everyday experiences.
How do you want 2016 to look like?  Have you ever thought about that?  At the most subtle levels of our humanity,our emotions, feelings, and activities, we continue to promote or not promote, a message that “something wonderful is happening” or the opposite we will destroy ourselves?

Does anyone remember watching the movie in the theatres in the early eighties called 2010, Odyssey Two?  You may all remember if your were alive the movie, “2001, a Space Odyssey” , but do you remember the sequel to 2001? Anything about the plot?

I am going to see if I can find some video service that has the original version of “2010, Odyssey Two” still available for viewing. But the reason why I brought this up was, because of a line that was near the end of the film, in which all the earth’s global communications networks, on the planet or in outer space our space satellites picked up a mysterious transmission from Jupiter’s moon IO.  No one on earth or in space could block the transmission signal in the movie.  You had to read or hear it wherever you or your brothers, sisters, or astronauts were picking up the signal.  No scramblers were able to block the transmission signal in the movie.

Can any of you remember what the signal transmission was from Jupiter’s Moon IO in that movie 2010, Odyssey Two, what it read?  It came as a kind of a text message from Jupiter and IO that could not be blocked by any jamming frequencies or jamming machines worldwide.

Another subplot that was also happening in the movie was a worldwide upheaval, with all the 7 Nuclear Powers of the world inches from getting involved in the most tragic Nuclear War Scenario which no human would survive, due to shortage of resources, land battles, and political turmoil around the world.  Does that sound familiar as a comparison to what we are hearing in the news regularly generally at the FOX and CNN world television networks. when we turn on the 11:00 pm News wherever you are in the world? We watch and hear about another school shooting, or an attack by ISIS, or the media attempts to scare us with yet another negative story that Iran has found a way to press the button and start World War III.  Or that some superpower around the world has decided that it needs more land, in which imperialism is rampant around the world?  Or another security breech has been detected at a well-used corporate or non-profit or utilities internet site and another person has had their identity partially stolen by yet another ill-fated hacker, scam artist, or conman or conwoman.

There is reality and truth in these privacy stealing attacks, but if you have an intermediate to advanced working knowledge of how to protect your information on the world wide web, these kinds of problems are becoming less and less worrisome, because your credit card owner, or bank, had inbuilt security encryption to prevent too much of your personal data from being stolen, and their are harder and harder firewalls to break if you work with the right creditors, and unique softwares or pc products but everyone will at some point get hit with some hacker or computer virus that recks your operating system or steals your personal private data.  But is this all that matters for you and your loved ones, whether some freako is going to steal your data? For some maybe, for others, it really doesn’t matter, because how much can an identity hacker really get from you, when you’re making 50 to 60000 $ or more annually or your in the top 20 percent of the richest people in the world? But for some of us less rich people, an identity attack can really hurt, right? But what is money? Or should I say what it money to you, or you, or you over there?

How do you as an individual think about money?  Are you conservative? Are you Spiritual, and money is just another form of energy with no other substance than that?  In the United States, our money and finances are being controlled by a select few, a privately owned organization called the Federal Reserve Board, a private group of the richest and most powerful people in the world who have no responsibility to anybody, except their rich counterparts shareholders with individual members such as the Koch Brothers, and other obscure hidden persons at the very top of our financial pyramid with almost complete control of the global economy and security tapped internet from Big Brother, “the Illuminati”, a greedy, evil,  and dark wordwide clandestine organization that only want more and more Power Over You and All Of Humanity to serve its own purposes of utter and complete control of every mechanized process on Earth and thus over you. The Illuminati is presumed to know exactly how humans should live, die, and be controlled, that we are too dumb, (human, and emotional) to have any personal self-control or will over our destinies, that free will is just a myth to make us believe and think we have power over our lives, and species, that there never has or never will be any time in human evolution when we can control our destinies, and that this greater race of beings will keep us in line to do their ultimate will. The belief is that our brains are too underdeveloped to have this kind of power and responsibility over our individual and species greater destinies.Notice how self-absorbed Donald Trump is in any of his personal public appearances, we are too unintelligent to be given any power over our destinies and that is why we should vote for him, because he is the only one who can save our degrading culture and/or society.  It would not surprise me if Donald Trump is a member of that anonymous board.  If he and others like him is on the board, he and any others like him are not required to be held accountable by anyone or any government, essentially in terms of financial obligations; he and his counterparts are above Federal, State, and Local Regulations and laws.  Does that sound like a stupid reality?  I wonder if some of our United States Supreme Court officials are members of the United States Federal Reserve Board? Whether they are or are not, do you think they will vote in favor of or against more financial corporate regulatory services, should this case come to their court or not?  I would imagine that they probably don’t really give a dam about our broken economical system, as long as they can continue to get their upper cut off the top.

Check out this link: the data is probably fairly accurate as of 2009, the U.S. Supreme Court Justices annual salaries are between 225000 and 245000, just a small drop in the bucket.  If they saved all their money over the course of the last 7 years, today they would be multimillionaires, but if they are also members of our United States Federal Reserve Board their identities are most likely not accessible to the public, because of the extreme secretiveness of who is or who was a member of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board.

Here is the link:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_judge_salaries_in_the_United_States

But I bring this up to get us all thinking about what money truly means to us? Does it mean something different to someone like a Supreme Court Justice, than it does to you or your loved ones?  How does the His Master, the Holy Dalai Llama experience money?  Or someone like great scientific/philosophical mystic Ken Wilber, or the Pope? What about your spiritual teache or Guru?  How does he or she feel about money?  What about the Archbishop of New York, or the Deacon or Minister of your Church Congregation?  How we experience money is essentially a mystery solely based on our individual states of minds. Money to me has always been a tender and tough issue. Am I wrong to have this attitude towards money?

For the members of the US Federal Reserve Board, money is probably more or less a means to an end. After our government abolished the Gold Standard, money became a symbol of status, and when you run out, in the case of the Federal Reserve Board you just make some more. It’s as easy as that.  So who chooses who has it or doesn’t have it or who is supposed to have it or not have it is solely determined by those Federal Reserve Members of the Board?  Money has become nothing more than a piece of paper we use to purchase things, there is nothing backing up the substance of money, yet money has for many a whole lot of substance, they live their lives around how to make or take more. And depending on where they get or make their money someone they are working with has to deal with less of it so they can feel like they have more, the value of it, becomes a means to an end, and encourages scarcity, and lack of resources.

Great people have killed themselves on account of a lack of funds?

For others, money is a form of energy exchange?  Is that you? Or is money something you need more and more of.  Would you kill yourself if you lost everything on the whim of one of those other people who only care about having more and more of it? Great people have.  I don’t know how I perceive the concept of money. Some days, I see it as something I can’t live without, and other days, it can take on  for me merely the form of an exchange of energy. But that all changes when I go to the store and am forced to pay, outrageous prices for good healthy nutritional foods, or suffer the consequences of buying the cheaper of products; the apple, orange or salad that has essentially no nutritional value because of the extreme pesticides used to produce a pretty piece of fruit or vegetable, the only saving grace of which is the psychological feeling that I believe it tastes better, or looks better than the more expensive organic piece of the same fruit, but I have just wasted my hard earned energy on a fantasy, or fake idea,with energy I spent hours and hours earning in a deadbeat job with no evident chance of challenges, personal value or promotion so I can buy nutritionally dead pieces of fruit.

No wonder Diabetes is rampant in our modern world along with excessive obesity, and Cancer has become one of the greatest killers of healthy people due maybe in part to the toxic substances agribusiness has used to produce the pretty nutritionless fruit I was forced to buy to survive, and live, because I hadn’t stored enough financial energy to afford anything better.

Anyway, if you dig deeper into the faults of our human society, you might begin to see how many of us, would rather get locked into a neverending negative self-fulfilling prophecy encouraged by those who have the ability to create, and make energy a scarce resource in order to fill their own pockets with so much more than they really need,or the “needs” of their corporate pundit counterparts, and their offspring provided they have not poisoned  themselves with the consumption of  toxic foodst, contributing to greater sexual reproductive sterility and making it harder and harder for them to spread and share their genetic codes because they are unable to get sexually excited to have an ejaculation to produce with the ovum a new life, or if they are still able to have an ejaculation and their wives are still able to produce healthy ovum cells for sexual production to occur, the sperm or ovum they may have produced ends up sterile.  Male sterility has become a severe problem in our world today.

According to an article I found on the internet at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4424520/ published online in 2015 through the U.S. National Library of Medicine:

Male infertility is a global population health concern. There are an estimated 48·5 million couples with infertility worldwide [3]. In the current study, we calculated rates of male infertility across the globe based on a review of the current literature (Figure 2). Since we do not know the actual rates of infertility, most of the numbers shown are based on self-report, thus cover a wide range. Overall, by examining the available literature and consolidating the information, our data indicates that global rates of male infertility range from 2.5% to 12%.

According to the Population Reference Bureau, posted online in 2012;

(July 2012) In the United States and other developed countries, fertility tends to drop during periods of economic decline. U.S. fertility rates fell to low levels during the Great Depression (1930s), around the time of the 1970s “oil shock,” and since the onset of the recent recession in 2007 (see Figure 1). The U.S. total fertility rate (TFR) stood at 2.0 births per woman in 2009, but preliminary data from the National Center for Health Statistics show that the TFR dropped to 1.9 in 2010—well below the replacement level of 2.1.1 A similar decline—or leveling off—of fertility rates has been reported in Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and several other European countries.

Figure 1
The U.S. Fertility Rate Has Fallen During Periods of Economic Decline

* Estimated by PRB.

Why has there been so much infertility over the course of the last century?
This last century has been one of the most powerful shifts in our world culture since the birth of Christ, or the Black Plague.

There have been many factors in the development that may have a direct effect on our health that have happened to our species over the course of the last 100 to 150 years in our post-modern technological era here on planet earth.

One factor is the increasing number of Diabetes Diagnoses no matter what type of Diabetes has been diagnosed.

A recent 2010 Study, argues the possibility that environmental factors may have contributed significantly to higher rates of Diabetes diagnoses.

Here is the link the this 2010 study.


The section that caught my eye was in paragraph 3 of this study and hypotheses.

The Environmental Chemical Hypothesis

Duk-Hee Lee
Dr. Duk-Hee Lee and I propose that environmental chemical exposures may be linked to type 1 diabetes development.

Dr. Duk-Hee Lee and I have written a hypothesis proposing that exposure to environmental chemicals can influence the development of type 1 diabetes development. We focused on endocrine disrupting compounds and their ability to influence the immune system, as well as other factors associated with type 1 diabetes (Howard and Lee 2012). We built on the work of other authors. Holladay (1999) proposed that prenatal exposure to compounds toxic to the developing immune system, including many environmental chemicals, may play a role in postnatal autoimmune disease, although he did not address type 1 diabetes in particular. Longnecker and Daniels (2001) proposed that environmental chemicals may be associated with type 1 (and type 2) diabetes. Their review of epidemiological literature (not animal studies) found limited evidence however, and for type 1 focused on nitrate/nitrite and PCBs. Carpenter (2008) more recently proposed that persistent organic pollutants may be risk factors for developing both types of diabetes, and reviewed evidence from both human and animal studies, suggesting further study. This webpage focuses primarily on this hypothesis, since the role of chemicals in the development of diabetes has been neglected (Jones et al. 2008).

More recently, Drs. Bodin, Stene, and Nygaard, of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, reviewed the evidence in a paper entitled, Can exposure to environmental chemicals increase the risk of diabetes type 1 development? They found that, “Although information on environmental chemicals as possible triggers for T1DM is sparse, we conclude that it is plausible that environmental chemicals can contribute to T1DM development via impaired pancreatic beta-cell and immune-cell functions and immunomodulation. Several environmental factors and chemicals could act together to trigger T1DM development in genetically susceptible individuals, possibly via hormonal or epigenetic alterations.” The full text of this paper is available free online (Bodin et al. 2015).
So is this truly the end of our species, or some type of a complete restructuring natural that will make our species even more capable of surviving in the most challenging times of our evolutionary process? That is where I leave the choice up to you a group of individuals who may have the potential or may have had already the potential to create and take responsibility for their mental creative processes at the most powerful level of social and evolutionary transformation the likeness never before seen in the development and evolution of our species.  The Power of positive attitude, prayer, thought, using our brains constructively together with others, culturally, racially at the level of being a member of the genome species homo sapiens sapiens may end up being our greatest assets as we define a new universal species humanity before we end up totally annihilating ourselves with hatred, war, broken social, familial, or culturally dysfunctional methods of interacting with each other, our brothers, sisters,parents, and grandparents, or unisexual beings. Each of us needs to step up and make a choice about how our destinies are to unfold.
A new attitude, awareness, technique, understanding or  knowledge of how to live together with our brothers and sisters in a humane and supportive way exists beyond the horrors of separation and divisory practices with your fellow members, brothers, and sisters of humanity, The shift might not be a conscious, or aware as you might think, all of a sudden, a part of you will know the most appropriate, powerful, and constructive way to deal with your aberrant or dysfunctional brother or sister, who cuts you off on the freeway, or because of behavioral dysfunction at an earlier age in their human development due to being mistreated by a parent, or abandoned without cause, or denied nourishment, or water at an early age, because, no one offered to give them the energy to live and survive in the form of  valueless human gesture of giving money, or healthy food so their body could develop properly, denying them any sense of humanity because an authority figure thought that their life didn’t matter as much as their own, that they didn’t deserve to live because they were incapable of making the right decision or were unable to act from an authoritative level of understanding according to some other experts opinion of some unsupported range of behavioral normality.
Take some time these next couple of months to set or develop some New year’s resolutions, and as you define and create your worlds, allow yourselves to imagine and dream about this future world. Take as much time as you require to specify and define a world where ALL OF US can live, be happy, share ideas, BE THE CATALYSTS THAT WE ARE, for the new Humanity to emerge. Open the doors and space for the peaceful harmonious world that you and your friends, family, and loved ones can expand and learn to their highest and greatest spiritual self-realized potential, no matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs or lack thereof may.  CAN YOU COMMIT TO BE AN ARCHITECT FOR THE NEW WORLD WE ARE RAPIDLY BEING PUSHED INTO?  FOR THE TIME IS NOW! THE CHOICES ARE CLEAR! THE NEW WORLD CAN ONLY HAPPEN WHEN WE ALL COMMIT OURSELVES TO ITS CREATION! LETS CREATE THE WORLD WE ALWAYS HOPED FOR AND DREAMED OF.
The soil is ripe for planting the seeds of human destiny!! It is your time, and mine.  The energy that will contribute to our creation of a new world is beyond any sense of humanity, it is everywhere, and nowhere all at the same time.  it is nonlocal to our human experiences, but the doorways, and visions of the New Humanity, are minimally veiled. Maybe the scariest part about all of this is the spontaneous simultaneous convergence of Eons of Quantum Parallell Realities all converging at this unique period in the Evolution and History of our species when we took the last Species’ Leap of Faith and left our Neanderthal brothers and sisters behind to form an evolved new genome species Homo Sapiens Sapiens.  Some of you may have left behind deeper more subtle fecund parts of yourself in your Neanderthal Parents and Grandparents and some part of you is afraid of letting go of that older more subtle and fecund part of yourself.  That’s okay, That energetic vibration of your ancestry is still within you, and maybe there is a part of your greater Self that is still grieving. That is also okay, We all grieve in our special unique, and individual ( personal) ways.  Sometimes the best remedy for Grief is to acknowledge that you are not alone.  Aum, Peace, Amen, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.
Modern Science suggests that Neanderthals may have gone extinct between 20,000 and 30,000 years ago. To read more about that last human extinction level event, check out this article posted in 2013 from Popular Science Online Magazine at this link:  http://www.popsci.com/science/article/2013-05/how-avoid-meeting-neanderthals-fate
Anyway, talking about Extinction level events, next evolutionary steps in humanity, infertility, Environmental Chemical causes of Diabetes and other types of apparently incurable diseases or diagnoses, why worry about these things? Is this type of worry as negative as some of the more extreme dark End of Days prophecies predicted by several religious, aboriginal, or fanatical hypotheses defined and first maybe noticed In Revelations of most accepted Holy Bibles we use today? I don’t know, but one thing to think and apply in your activities and research about a hypothetical new age, (the Aquarian Age) and next step in our species evolutionary process is what I said before:  Take the time you need to follow my suggestions to develop some New Years Resolutions, and as you create and define the world you dream of, and desire, ask yourself honestly, is this world possible, a world where all of us can be happy, live, share ideas, a similar world Imagined by the great British Composer John Lennon, where every one of us, can find meaning, purpose, and challenges that expand our unlocked mental and emotional potentials? As we begin to utilize ever more and more of that living storage, and neurological unused memory banks of ourselves in our highest expression of self-understanding and self-realization awareness state there are no limits how much hidden human  potential could be unlocked. Our brains are barely using between 10 %or more of its entire biological-neurological/ processing potential leaving almost 75% – 90% unused raw brain-related potential of all of our advanced historical figure genius’s of the entire history of our species’ when Neanderthals became extinct.
The brain is one of the most programmable biological-neurological devices known to Man.  In the mid nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, there was a lot of experimentation done with living brain tissue, that was indicative of the brain, being able to dream, and experience sexuality, create mind-over matter physiological changes in the body outside of the deeper reaches of brain matter with no other to the point of creating bruises, and nonlocalized healings in the body, and outside of it, by just merely envisioning the healing or physical wounding to happen without external stimuli to the point of making a human salivate like a dog, with solely internal stimulation conditioning using hypnosis, or dreamwork to create biological changes in the human body without the need for external stimulation.by just thinking about it in a very focused and concentrating way.
The brain is the perfect interface for mind-over matter concentrative efforts to change the biological functions within and outside of the physical body.  Remember when you were just starting puberty, male or female, and your body through dream and fantasies caused you to wake up in the morning with wet dreams or women whose inner dream fantasies caused them to have orgasms for no apparent reason while they were dreaming or sleeping. It is fairly common among teenagers just starting puberty to have these kinds of experiences.  The brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and fantasy, and at times unintentionally can create without cause or provocation physically, or emotionally based illnesses throughout the entire body. This is called psychosomatic disorders which have no apparent external causes of life-debilitating symptoms but primarily caused by psychosomatic or emotionally based disorders.  This is power of negative self-fulfilling prophecies created by one more individuals.  That is why I offer an alternative to the dismay and doomsday prophecies of our world and societal, or media- based global scare tactics used quite often by Media organization seeking to scare us into a sense of scarcity, or fear, shortage of lack of global resources.  These are solely, collective dreams created by media or other news based outlets in an attempt to control our species’s destinies to make us feel and be conditioned to believe in doomsday or species scare tactics to keep the power of having individual willpower over our global species potential in the hands of the authorities that continue to control our lives and species developments.  Now this is a bleif I carry, and I am not asking my subscribers to have that belief but only ask instead for my subscribers to try and see things with a much wider and more expansive perspective, and then to apply personal strategies and tactics to encourage a new vision of a shared humanity. The first step is to create some personally and culturally based New Years Resolutions to commit to and help manifest as Catalysts and Architects for a new emergant evolved humanity.
I am sorry if my post has gone overboard, but it has been a while since I last posted here at my web site, and wanted to do a little catch up with my subscribers.  thanks for your continued interest in my blog.
Greg Garceau; BlogMaster and Owner, CEO Journeytoyourself.com
Please review and make comments and feel free to share this with others in your personal network.
It is easy to dig around the internet and find similar factors and concerns that suggest that humanity is truly on the verge of a new evolutionary process, or on the other hands on the edge of a catastrophic period in which our daily challenges could lead us in the opposite direction to total self-annihilation.

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