Using Keywords, the power of tags, and meta tags.

I would not say that, mostly the effort is about attracting new visitors. WordPress, has a number of really useful share tools, once you buy a domain to use. WordPress seems very user-friendly to me. I would highly encourage setting up a google analytics account. Google if you can show enough interest and unique ideas, is a great way to get your name and site on the top of the google search engine, when someone is doing a general search for you or your site. One of the most valuable tools is to use the meta tag functions of wordpress, Meta tag, and other tag functions of the wordpress application is basically a built in, keyword topic search publisher. Using keywords and google analytics with every post you make are going to be one of the most valuable things you can do to attract subscribers. When you are ready to post a comment or a blog feed, at the end of your post after you have made any major corrections before actually publishing the post, think about what you have just written in terms of key words in the content and substance of your post, then write those key words on the bottom of the publish function, and publish your post. Here is an example: in this post, I and focused on keywords, content, google analyticsm, wordpress, attracting subscribers, etc. I am going to input the keyword I just mentioned in this post, and then publish the comment.

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