Reflecting on Master Vivi’s passing continued

Dear friends, and subscribers of my blog.

I realize that my meanderings in discussing the honoring ceremony we shared together of Master Vivi, using the Reiki Bowl and Fire Ceremony, that I may have lost track of the importance and value of keeping my post focused on our celebrations of her amazing life.  The late Reiki Master Vivi was a close and loving friend.  I always enjoyed being at her Reiki Share groups. I welcome Maureen’s leadership last Saturday evening. At the deeper level of community we are all leaders in our own right with gifts, skills, strengths, and abilities we have been taught, and gifted by Wakan Tanka to fulfill our part of the Great Mysteries of this world called Life.  Wankan tanka;  when you listen for her,  will guide and direct your souls’ to their ultimate fulfillment in the dense reality of this 4d holographic Universe we all share in our Hearts, Minds, and Souls.

Native American/Indigenous philosophy does not recognize in the same way our Modern Western Cultural Civilization does.  When you speak the language of our indigenous Ancestors here on the West Coast of the United States in the Pacific Northwest, the literal translation and meaning of Heart is not differentiated from the literal translation and meaning of Mind/or Brain.  The term Mind doesn’t really exist in the same way we have often been taught.  Heart and Mind essentially carry the same meaning.  When Grandfather Roy Wilson discussed the literal translation of heart or mind when he offered his chinook Wawa language courses at the Center for the Chinook Indians reservation here in Western Washington near Castle Rock, WA, he told us, that there is no Chinook Wawa word for heart or for mind but rather, the word used combined these two concepts and has the literal meaning of heart-mind.  The Chinook word is Tum Tum.  The literal English translation is heart-mind.

When I think of Master Vivi, I feel her deep reverberating Tum Tum speaking to me.  When I performed Reiki Healing on Master Vivi’s body while she was still present in embodied form, I felt a great light that shone forth, blazing and lighting up the whole room.  Her presence was like that.  It is like being engulfed in a bright shining sphere of Pure Energy and Light that expanded outwards 20 or more feet from her Tum Tum.

Like Master Vivi, many shamanic teachers and guides came and guided our friend Melody in the direction she needed to go at Portland Adventist Hospital this evening.  Again, with loving cousin Maureen, we celebrated this shining beacon of light of Melody Lewandowski.  It was a powerful experience.  Thanks Maureen, and Pearl Pierce and all the others friends, and spirit and animal guides that made an appearance. I know our gifts were received for they came from our own Tum Tum’s.


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