Emergency Healing Ceremony-Long Distance Reiki Symbols

I received a call from a dear friend of Melody Lewandowski. She really needs our blessings, love, and concern: Melody we are here. Let the spirits guide and direct you. I call now on your guides and helpful spirits to guide and direct you to the place you need to go. Melody you are in our hearts. May your spirit guides come and assist you? You are loved. My intention is that you receive this wherever you are in your heart mind or soul. If this is your time to go, may your transition be smooth? There are still loved ones who are not ready yet for you to go.

All that no melody she is in Portland Adventist in critical condition you need support by our friends and family please cannot call go see bring flowers please he needs the support this is her brother Raymond.  I am unable to send music at this time.  But soon, I will.  Please guide Melody to the place of her and all her friends highest good in this difficult time.  Aum, Peace, Amen.  A Ho Matakiyuzen.  Wankan Tanka, she calls on your blessings.

Bald Eagle meets Andean Condor in America (North/South America)
Bald Eagle meets Andean Condor in America (North/South America)

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