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It is comforting to read your responses to my blog posts. Today is Saturday , 13 September 2014. Much has happened in the last couple of years of this developing blog. I am sitting in my living room, looking out the porch sliding door to the night sky of mid September. New things are always happening. Change is inevitable!! Although many of us may hate the thought of change, it is unavoidable. I am not sure if my subscribers are up to date with what is happening in the world these days in America. I say America! not as a reference to the United States of America but to all those seekers and journeyers that sought a new life when they crossed the great Atlantic Ocean almost 500 years ago. When we think of America, it is easy to get stuck in the idea that the spiritual metaphor of America is primarily a U.S. historical or cultural interpretation. Columbus was here in 1492, that is 622 years ago. But Columbus did not land in America as people might presume. Interesting that the story of this intrepid explorer would come in my mental meanderings on this 13th day of September almost 650 years after Columbus presumed discovery of America.

This history of North America/South America actually predates the western understanding as called by the indigenous peoples of these united continents as termed the metaphorical “Turtle Island” ;

The Washington Post offered an interesting article by Valerie Strauss on Columbus Day 2013. Now that it has almost been a year we are now approaching another Columbus Day for 2014.
Here is the link to that article.
Strauss (2014) comments,

“So you think that Christopher Columbus discovered America in the Niña, the Pinta and the Santa Maria and also, while he was at it, proved the Earth wasn’t flat?

Wrong, wrong and wrong. Given that the European explorer has a U.S. federal holiday to his name — and is honored by holidays in other countries as well — let’s look at the disturbing truth about the fearless but brutal Columbus.” She later explains:

“And here’s something he did do that you may not know:

* Columbus was a brutal viceroy and governor of the Caribbean islands on which he did land.

He committed atrocities against native peoples on the islands and decimated their populations while he also terrorized Spanish colonists, according to the biography “Columbus” by Laurence Bergreen.

Why do we celebrate Columbus Day?

The first Columbus Day celebration recorded in the United States was in New York on October 12th, 1792, held to honor Italian-American heritage. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1937 proclaimed October 12th to be Columbus Day, a national holiday. In 1971, the holiday date was changed to the second Monday in October.”

The verbal by mouth history of “Turtle Island” is referenced somewhat in this valuable creation story of indigenous people regarding North/South American continents.

Here is an original creative story of Turtle Island by the indigenous peoples of America.

The Creation Story – Turtle Island

For the Ojibway/Anishinabe people, the legend is as follows. Long ago, after the Great
Mystery, or Kitchi-Manitou, first peopled the
earth, the Anishinabe, or Original People,
strayed from their harmonious ways and began to argue and fight with one another.
Brother turned against brother and soon the Anishinabe were killing one another over
hunting grounds and others disagreements. Seeing that harmony, brotherhood, sisterhood,
and respect for all living things no longer prevailed on Earth, Kitchi-Manitou decided to
purify the Earth. He did this with water.
The water came in the form of a great flood, or mush-ko’-be-wun’, upon the Earth
destroying the Anishinabe people and most of the animals as well. Only Nanaboozhoo,
the central figure in many of the Anishinabe oral traditions, was able to survive the flood,
along with a few animals and birds who managed to swim and fly. Nanaboozhoo floated
on a huge log searching for land, but none was to be found as the Earth was now covered
by the great flood. Nanaboozhoo allowed the remaining animals and birds to take turns
resting on the log as well. Finally, Nanaboozhoo spoke.
“I am going to do something,” he said. “I am going to swim to the bottom of this water
and grab a handful of earth. With this small bit of Earth, I believe we can create a new
land for us to live on with the help of the Four Winds and Kitchi-Manitou.”
So Nanaboozhoo dived into the water and was gone for a long time. Finally he surfaced,
and short of breath told the animals that the water is too deep for him to swim to the
bottom. All were silent. Finally, Mahng, the Loon spoke up. “I can dive under the water
for a long way, that is how I catch my food. I will try to make it to the bottom and return
with some Earth in my beak.” to read on, refer to the pdf document where I retrieved this fascinating story.
at this link:,d.cGE

Geologically speaking: The flood referenced here may be directly related to the Great Flood referenced in the Bible, but also, geologically speaking, may be referenced to the time of a
great flood about the time of the last glacial meltdown of most the Northern Hemisphere. Here is that story based on geological evidence gathered over time by

This story is found at Pardee, a well-renowned Geologist worked for the USGS (U.S. Geological Survey in 1910 over a century ago.

Lake Missoula is discussed further in this article posted by the State of Montana.

In the most recent advance, glaciers reached their maximum extent 15,000 years ago and had almost completely melted by 10,000 years ago. It was during this glacial advance that a finger from the glacial ice sheet moved south through the Purcell Trench in northern Idaho, near present day Lake Pend Oreille, damming the Clark Fork River creating Glacial Lake Missoula.

The water began to build up behind the 2,500-foot ice dam filled the valleys to the east with water, creating a glacial lake the size of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario combined. The water continued to rise until it reached its maximum height at an elevation of 4,200 feet. As the water rose, the pressure against the ice dam increased, ultimately, causing the dam to fail catastrophically. The failure occurred when the water reached a depth of 2000 feet. The water pressure caused the glacier to become buoyant, and water began to escape beneath the ice dam by carving sub-glacial tunnels at an exponential rate.

It is estimated that the maximum rate of flow was equal to 9.46 cubic miles per hour (386 million cubic feet per second). This rate is 60 times the flow of the Amazon River, the largest river in the world today. At this rate, the lake probably drained in a few days to a week. Water moving at speeds between 30 and 50 miles per hour raced across eastern Washington.

The floodwaters from Glacial Lake Missoula moved through eastern Washington on a 430-mile journey to the Pacific Ocean, forever changing the landscape by stripping away topsoil, and picking apart the bedrock. The floodwater carved an immense channel system across eastern Washington. In 1928, geologist J. Harlen Bretz poetically described the scene: “No one with an eye for land forms can cross eastern Washington in daylight without encountering and being impressed by the ‘scabland.’

This of course is the West Coast U.S. perspective had any human or indigenous person lived at that time, nearly 10000 years ago. I am sure if others were interested in researching they would find similar U.S.G.S. related theories in the prehistorical geological analysis of New York State, and provinces of Quebec and Newfoundland in Canada. Clearly with this kind of glacial meltdown, it is probable that the Northeastern Hudson River is a remnant of this massive flood 10 millennia ago in the Northeastern Seaboard.

There is even talk that “Turtle Island” may have been discovered by the Asian fleets of China as long as 650 or more years ago. For more information, do a general search with “Chinese Armada Zheng He”. Whoever discovered America is essentially irrelevant because America’s history predates modern colonization.

As we begin to accept, integrate and reconnect with our indigenous brothers and sisters of America, it is important to approach the whole topic of America as inclusive of South/North America. So when I speak from the cultural point of view as an American, I speak to all the people that today live together on this fantastic continent of North/South America. As we began to integrate our cultural heritages as a United America of North, South, and Central America, we will require new terms for defining our interconnectedness with our culturally diverse brothers and sisters of Mexico, Central America, and into Venezuela, Brazil, Peruvian, Colombian, and Chilean neighbors to the South.

I want to end this reflection with a comment shared with me by the indigenous peoples of America. So the major message of this post is to remember our interconnectedness with all life and people on planet earth. And in the case of this prophecy, I offer a message of group cooperation and understanding and hope that I may help invite and invoke the power of this unity prophecy of all American peoples, indigenous, and western European.

America can be a shared philosophy. ( as the Unity of South/North America) for this is the land of opportunity, perhaps the promised land of our religious and spiritual predecessors. Maybe it is time to do an American online Conference to invoke and invite the spirits of the Andean Condor and Bald Eagle perhaps a peace meditation and prayer

Please understand that by invoking these united powers, the sovereignty and cultural freedoms of this group of 24 sovereign nations should not be discarded, for it is in the expression of personal freedom and sovereignty for all nations that we will emerge into the promised land as prophesized to become the Aquarian Age of Evolutionary Humanity. Here is the indigenous prophecy of the Unity of the Andean Condor and Bald Eagle high Spirit Guides of Wankan Tanka.

Join me in celebrating the underlying and essential Unity of all humankind.  As the prophecy says,  the time is now.  Let us breathe in through shamanic journeying, our imagination, and visualization, this new world view of sovereignty for all people in celebration of our love for each other.  Let’s make Columbus day a celebration of human unity. I wish to invoke also the power of our Great Mother and Protector, Our Lady of Guadalupe to instill the peace, joy, and wisdom that will be necessary in these upcoming challenges of survival, free speech, as we prepare for the portal to open up into this new age of wisdom and hope.  Can we make this an international day of invocation and spiritual understanding and truth.

Here is a link to a recording I made of this prophecy.


“We have been waiting five hundred years. The Inca prophecies say that now, in this age, when the eagle of the North and the condor of the South fly together, the Earth will awaken. The eagles of the North cannot be free without the condors of the South.

Now it’s happening. Now is the time. The Aquarian Age is an era of light, an age of awakening, an age of returning to natural ways. Our generation is here to help begin this age, to prepare through different schools to understand the message of the heart, intuition, and nature. Native people speak with the Earth. When consciousness awakens, we can fly high like the eagle, or like the condor…

Ultimately, you know, we are all native, because the word native comes from nature, and we are all parts of Mother nature. She is inside us, and we are inside her. We depend totally on the Earth, the Sun, and the Water. We belong to the evolution of nature in our physical bodies. But we also have a spiritual body that comes from the Sun, not the Sun you can see with two eyes, but another Sun that lies in another dimension, a golden Sun burning with the fire of spiritual light. The inner light of humans emanates from this spiritual source. We came to Earth from this Sun to have experiences on Earth, and eventually we will return to this Sun. We are Children of the Sun.”
-Inca Prophecy

Catalyzing Change album-Prophecy:

The Andean Condor is a national symbol of Peru
The Bald Eagle is the national symbol of U.S.A

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