Gods and Goddesses, all of of us Spirits Living the Human Experience

I was responding to the great experience I had at my graduation this last summer solstice.  I was surrounded by godlike and goddesslike persons who graduated with me on this special day.

This is what I wrote at my facebook page:

Graduated!!!! woo hoooo!!! waiting for the pics, and video of commencement ceremony then will post. So wonderful to see old friend from Turkey, Columbia, British Columbia, ohio, Arizona, and New York. my cohorts are all such beautiful and radiant souls. So special to be with the Gods and Goddesses of our new age as I graduated today. Love you all my dear friends, Lucia, Shawna, Heves, Arthur, and Steven. I missed not being able to see the other beautiful souls who are also graduating with us from Sofia University/ITP Global Masters program today. God and Goddess bless you all as you board your planes to continue your soul journey on every continent of this grand world. Heves and her hubbie have a 5 hour flight to New York City, followed by an 11-hour flight to Instanbul, Turkey, Lucia has probably 10 to 12 hours of flying time to get back to her home in Columbia, South America, Steven drives 8 to 10 hours to his home in the Southwest U.S. Arizona, Arthur, probably will board a 5 to 7 hour flight with his beautiful twins and wife to go to Ohio. Shawna boards her flight with her hubbie to fly back home to Vancouver, B.C. and my mom and I venture on a circle driving tour of Nevada, Utah, and Idaho, on our journey home to beautiful Vancouver, Washington. I ask that the angels come forth and bless these dear souls as they embark on their journeys back to the reality of there international homes away from home, in the heart of love, and spiritual wisdom, as we completed our journeys through this fantastic program as Sofia University. Aum, Peace, Amen,

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