I am getting ready to fly to Mexico City this weekend.  I will be spending time at Teotihuacan, Oaxaca, and Acapulco.  I feel deeply connected to Teotihuacan.  Over the course of this last year I have done a lot of work with my Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology.  Every day is a new beginning.  I have discovered that I have a deep commitment and need to be active in politics.  Our world is approaching a new paradigm of consciousness.  We need to be open to change.  2012 is here.  Whether you believe in the Mayan predictions or not.  It is amazing to realize the power that is present in such a Super storm that hit our East coast of United States these past couple of days.  I believe this storm is a message from our Mother Gaia that we must listen to and head her call.  I believe that storm events like this will become more and more common unless we start now to protect our Mother Earth, by regulating those companies that may have contributed to this huge earth changes.  There has been speculation that the Mayan prophecies are suggesting that we will encounter more of these Earth Changes.  Daniel Giamario a teacher and friend of mine who founded the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School has developed a new Astrology system that we should begin to work with.  It has shown me great power and understanding.  You can access the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School by going to http://www.shamanicastrology.com.  I would highly recommend this site to anyone who reads this blog.  I have also started a portfolio for my schoolwork at http://gregorygarceau1.myefolio.com.  Please visit and review.  I would appreciate your comments.  Have a great day.  I am so happy that New York City and other affected cities in New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut are starting to get back to normal.  This was a horrendous storm.  We are fortunate of the low amount of deaths that have occurred. God Bless  Greg P.S. I have been given a new name from the Cowlitz Indian chief here in Western Washington State called “Make Knowing Man”  I will begin to integrate this new name into my work.

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