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Today marks my first week as a full-time student enrolled in the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology’s Global Master’s of Arts Program.  Today also marks the 6th gate of the Planet Venus’ Journey into the underworld.  Venus emerged about a month ago in the eastern morning sky, where she has started her journey into the underworld to face her faults, and fears, and to find illumination there to bring up the great pearls of wisdom to offer back to the Middle or Mundane world.  On Monday, I received a most powerful shamanic astrological reading from my friend Daniel Giamario who created the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School located in beautiful Tuscon, AZ.  I won’t go into much detail about what we talked about, but there comes a time in the mid forties that many of us undergo in a process of letting go of our youthful lives and accept that we must now pursue our future lives to meet the our inner God, and Goddess’, with the knowledge that we may make our transition in less time than we have currently been alive in this incarnation on the planet.  This time in our lives marks often the first steps in the pursuit of our Soul’s purpose of why we came to the School of Life in the first place and incarnated.

It makes perfect sense that I am starting some of my highest spiritual steps in achieving my life’s goals as I undertake my Master’s program at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.  All of us at some time in our life will stand at the crossroads and determine our next steps to fulfill our purpose here on Earth.  Some of us start a little earlier than others starting this process in our mid-thirties. Being somewhat of a late bloomer myself, I can see that patterns of this resolution made manifest as I pursue my degree.  So for those of you who are also undertaking this new scene in your life’s, what comments do you have to share with regards to your personal and professional experience?

Having recovered from a spiritual emergency in 1986, I can see the patterns in my life as I pursue my goals in this last decade.  Like many journalists have classified, the decade from 2000 – 2010 was a lost decade with not very many achievements cept the continued expansion of the Internet, and the a few new internet-based businesses that have been developed and grown these last ten years.  With respect to Politics, it truly was a lost decade, about the only big achievement with respect to social values, and social awareness, has been the passing of health care reform in the United States.  Although this bill isn’t entirely what we hoped for or expected, it is the crowning achievement of the century since the time of the Franklin D. Roosevelt with the passing of new social reform laws, and the establishment of Social Security and Retirement benefits for the elderly, and disabled persons of our society.

Also around 1905 – 1910, the scientists were learning more about the disenfranchised of our society, and how there was a great need to promote education for all including the special education and potentially special treatment of the feeble minded and the genius’s of the time.  They essentially discovered that every human being could at some time require a different way of learning than what was originally thought about with the education of our citizens.  Educational organizations such at Montessori school’s were begun, and other learning related schools were taking form.  That was when we discovered that people learn in multiple ways instead of just verbally, or visually.  They explored that some people might actually learn in other ways, perhaps by smell, or kinesthetically by touch and physical movement, or potentially even through the use of taste utilizing other senses other than the primary senses of sight, and hearing.  This was about the time of Helen Keller and her handicap issues.  I believe that today we are on another revolution of consciousness at a crossroads both internally, and externally, in the society and the world.  I hope that as a people we can truly see the importance of education and how important it is to educate the people. 

Over the course of the last fifty years, education has become poorer and poorer, as we see with the level of misinformation and lack of education in the modern people of today.  I am not sure the numbers but the problem of Illiteracy is out there.  According to the infoplease web site located at In the United States alone with an overall Illiteracy rate of 1% combined with Canada, for example, in the rural South where Illiteracy rates are much higher this is a terrible and dark social issue and truth; potentially pandemic. When we think of what that fact states we might begin to realize how uneducated our population could be. At this same web site, there is a story that UNICEF has published which describes the Fear of an actual increase in the Illiteracy rates world wide into the 21st century.  According to United States Census of 2010, our current population is upwards of 310 million.  If you count the amount of people who are illiterate we are looking at 3.1 million people, if we look at the number of unemployed we are looking at upwards of 10 % unemployment throughout the country, with numbers as high as 15 to 17%.  With this unemployment rate there could be as little as 31 million people out of work, and as high as 53 million out of work. Many of those who are out of work are most likely illiterate because in order to work one needs to know how to read and write, one would assume, unless they were functionally illiterate. Our national unemployment rates are rapidly approaching the rates during the great Depression of 1929 if they haven’t already reached those levels.

In the rural south those rates are most likely higher.  I live in Clark county of the State of Washington on the west coast which is a rural county in this state.  In this state, this county elected one of the many Tea Party candidates who ran for Congress this year.  Her platform was a one pointed platform with little or no commitment to social values, and she was one of those candidates who wanted to repeal health care reform.  I went and saw her in a debate with the candidate I voted for, and he was able to answer all the questions posted effectively in a rural town hall.  She was not able to answer any of those questions, in fact, she stuck to her one-pointed statement to get everybody back to work.  I know that being employed is important but if we solve some of these other social issues, it might be surprising how many new jobs might open up thus decreasing these numbers because people know how to read and write, effectively work in a group and the money we would put into supporting social reform would also provide new jobs for those many who are currently unemployed or underemployed.  These numbers are tremendous.  For this reason, I hope that you and yours will seek learning for the benefits you might receive could be phenomenal, and thus help pay for good schools that support the whole person, not just the rich, greedy. If we educate the whole society of all ages and levels, and castes no matter what their financial means, or mental capabilities, we might discover how many new jobs we can create thus getting our country back on track.

And America needs a strong Congress, not a Congress full of right-winged Tea Party beginner’s and novices who are motivated only for special interests and their own self-involved interests they have repeatably brought forth in their campaigns these last two years.  Education, training the people to learn and explore their own experiences, beliefs, in an effort to work together to bring about the change we have ALL been promised. This is how we can create real change as we move forward into the new world to come, not by attaching oneself to the old, worn out, and outdated approaches to life and living but allowing for the new to take form as we move into the Golden Age that has been promised us when Christ lived and walked amongst us, 2010 years ago.  We need to join together as a Nation Under God, for and by the people, not in support of self interests, and bridge the gaps so that as a people we make America what we have always hoped for set down by the creators of the Declaration of Independence, and Constitution of these United States.

So I ask my friend, supporters, and family, what can you do to bring about the incoming Aquarian Age, which WILL occur whether we want it too or not.  Thank you for reading my Blog. I hope the information is to your liking.  I appreciate being able to say what is on my mind in these great times of change.

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