The Sacred Journey?

There is a journey that we all will undertake at some point in our lives. I believe that sometimes we all might ask the big question Who Am I?  In my email signature I use, Innerplace, a place solely defined by your individual perspective of true reality?  Does anyone wish to comment on what that statement means to them?

I believe that we all must at some point journey to that Innerplace which we all are capable of perceiving within ourselves.  That place to me is where I go when I want to be in my own space focused upon my own issues.  I plan my life at that wonderful place.  Some of us might call that place a place of reverence with and for Jesus Christ, God, Muhammed, Buddha, the Sun Behind the Sun, Heavenly Father, or Divine Mother, Great Goddess, Gaia, Master, Teacher, Spirit, Great Guide, No Mind, or the Super Implicate Order of Reality that contains the Whole of existence, or Whole Black White Hole, that we all have within us, Perfect Harmony, Sacred Geometry, or even Yahweh.

When we go to this place we meet ourselves.  Think of the Aboriginal Walkabout.  At some point, you will meet yourself.  We can all go to that place if we wish.  How do you get to that place?  What paths or practices do you access to reach that place?

This could be the greatest research of your life?  Would you be willing to share your paths and modes of operation to achieve and find yourself? The Journey to Yourself.  I have created a web site called Journey to Yourself, and would love to get feedback from you and yours about how I can improve that site, but also spend time to dialogue about what it means to you and where you go when you go on your Journey to Yourself?  Thanks so much for visiting my blog.  I really appreciate it and hope that we can take time to share each other’s journeys and maybe touch upon our individual core beliefs.  

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